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What is MY voice?

In a rush to leave home, late for an important meeting, I hurriedly dressed for the day. This time of the morning is darker than black ink for the sun is not yet up for hours. I quietly gathered my clothes from the drawers in the corner dresser and my shoes from the closet and dressed in the darkness, unwilling to disturb the sleep of those in the house. Gathering my files and coffee mug, I slipped out the door and into my car.

Arriving just in time for my meeting, I swung my legs out of the car to step onto the pavement. I had on two VERY different socks. On any other day, this would not have mattered, but today, the pair of shoes I had on did not cover my blunder. The sock on my left foot was green, and the sock on my right was purple. To add insult to this injury, today's meeting involved a presentation in front of the group.
what is my voice,presentation

What to do? Well, I decided to give it voice. As I was introduced, stood up, and walked to the front of the room, I began to smile, and then smiled some more. Almost laughing, I pointed out the imperfection in my appearance. Immediately, the room filled with a humor laden connection, for who has not done something just like this at some time or another. Giving voice to my miss matching, couching it in humor and emphasizing the peace that comes from admitting we are all human was the ticket to a relaxed and positive beginning of the meeting.

How often are we worried about how we appear to others and our voice is one of apprehension? How often do we concern ourselves with perfection, fall short of the mark, and voice shame to ourselves and others? How often can we blame someone or something else for a problem and dwell in an angry voice?

Maybe it is time to ask ourselves the question, "What kind of voice am I in this world?"

Maybe it is time to ask ourselves the question, "What kind of voice do I want to be for this world?" The energy of our collective voices can be a powerful one. Harnessing this kind of energy is only a matter of choice. It is only a simple matter of moving out of the inky darkness and into a light filled room.

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Karen Olson Johnson
Karen Olson Johnson is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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