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Stories that mould us

We grow and develop by reading, understanding and pondering on our roles. Our understanding of our role helps us to achieve excellence in our lives. Society will become great if there are great roles and people follow those roles. The rich culture of a country enables people to listen to stories relating to different roles. History gives us a collection of amazing stories of outstanding role performances. Indian culture is replete with varied and idealistic instances. You can find Lord Ram at one extreme as the ideal role of a king; similarly you can also find Shrawan Kumar as performing the role of an ideal son. India was a great country because the children heard these stories and they built themselves on these roles. Disappearance of these stories is causing depreciation in Indian value system also. Since most of these stories were not written (communicated orally), their disappearance has been a huge loss.

It was amazing that we had inspiring stories with regard to virtually every conceivable role. I will take you to the story which gives description of compelling performances by a prostitute. It would be very difficult to find another such role.
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With soft melodious voice, she was singing Mhare Angna Padharya Sanwaria, Mhare Hiwde Lagya Gugaria...Rupvati with full of excitement. She is going to witness the most exciting moment of her life. She has never had so much charm and enthusiasm in her life. The God has gifted her with melodious voice, amazing beauty, unparalleled manners, and mesmerizing charm. At the age of 21, she is just the beauty of fairytales. King Ajit Singh has made a call for her first performance - for the first time. Moreover, this time, a great saint will also be there in the audience - and this is the matter of excitement. He is said to be the greatest saint of India. Her mother is also excited on this. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the moment. Rupvati is now practising dance almost 8 to 9 hours a day. Whenever you see her, you will find her practising some or the other steps of dancing.

From generation to generation, their family has been devoted to music, dance, worship and art. Rupvati has been listening stories of Kosha, who was the most illustrious lady in their generations, who attained salvation. The story of Kosha always fascinates Rupvati and therefore she wants to follow her and attain salvation. She is comparing herself with Kosha. She is dreaming that the great saint will visit her home and give her blessing. She has heard that Kosha was extremely beautiful, dexterous and sophisticated. Kosha was admired by everyone in the city. The great saint Sthulibhadra stayed in her home and she attained salvation. Rupvati is no different.

"Rupvati, please take your lunch....this is not good. You are not giving attention to your food..." Lavanya shouts. Lavanya is her mother. She is getting worried about Rupvati. She holds Rupvati by hand and takes her to dining room and forces her to eat. Rupvati has no choice. Lavanya puts Roti with Dal in her mouth and she has to eat now. This is almost a daily routine. The only food that Lavanya is able to prepare is Dal-Roti and Rupvati is just averse to eating anything else. Lavanya starts talking to her about her fitness and expresses her anxiety about her health. She warns Rupvati that if she doesn't take proper food, it may be difficult for her to perform on the special day.

The day arrives. In the most beautiful pavilion of the court enters the most beautiful girl of the region, with enticing looks, luxurious dress, long hair and elegant gait. But what is this? She is struck. She has been dreaming about the great saint for so many days - but there is no saint. She again looks at the entire audience. Everyone is there, but there is no saint. The royal family is sitting, but her real 'hero' is missing. Rupvati is getting anxious.
Probably she is not able to identify. She whispers to her mother "Who is the saint?" "Go ahead, the saint is not coming. He says that it's against religion to attend your session", replies the mother. Rupvati falls unconscious. Her mother sprinkles water on her and tries to recover her. There is chaos everywhere. The king orders for the Vaidya to offer treatment. Finally, Rupvati regains her consciousness. But she has now forgotten all that she had prepared. It's all tears. With a shaking voice, she starts singing "Prabhu ji mere avgun chit na dharo ....." (meaning, Lord please ignore my weaknesses)... another amazing performance... but it is Lavanya who knows what is happening with Rupvati.

It is five days and Rupvati has not eaten anything. She is lying almost unconscious. Her story has reached the saint also, and he visits her home. The greatest saint of India enters the home of a prostitute with bonded hand and asks for apologies that he couldn't come for her performance. Rupvati is again in tears. It is like her dream coming true. She makes all her efforts and utters "give me blessings so that I can also attain salvation...."

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