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The Hidden Talent of Teenagers: Adventurous, Energetic and Innovators

A 13 year young girl has conquered Mount Everest. Unbelievable! This is a grand achievement considering the fact that adventure sports are not yet established in India and they are not yet popular in schools and colleges. This achievement is also very important achievement considering the fact that teenagers (particularly girls) are not yet encouraged to take risk and join adventure sports in India. Younger ones have far more energy, enthusiasm, willingness and drive than what we expect out of them. We have to put them to creative pursuit and get astonished with their amazing achievements. Teenagers, today, waste away their creative ability and their adventurous fervour in frustrating experiences. If we can give them opportunities and guidance, this type of news will shake us almost everyday. Explore a few questions to know about the status of support system for adventure sports in India:-

How many schools organise adventure sports and encourage teenagers to pick up one?
How many parents encourage teenagers to pursue adventure sports?
How many trainers help the teenagers to take up adventure sports?
the hidden talent of teenagers,adventurous
The ability to take risk, to adventure, to innovate, and to challenge our horizon is disproportional to our physical age. However, with increasing experience, these skills get reflected in our accomplishments.

Ask yourself, how many times you have done the following: -

a. screwed a teenager for his failures and warned him of real challenges of the life
b. told a teenager that he/she doesn't understand the realities of the world and therefore should keep in limits
c. deprived a teenager an opportunity of decision making on the ground of age
d. took the decisions on behalf of a teenager because you have more experience and you are considered more mature.

With these actions you have blocked a creative adventurous zealous person. Reverse your decisions and start supporting the embryonic youth. Want to reverse your decisions? How? Identify the touch points of the teenagers. Try to influence these touch points, which will in turn bring them to the amazing opportunities. Broadly speaking, following are the important touch points of the teenagers: -

a. Schools
b. Sports centers
c. hobby classes
d. social networking sites
e. career counseling centers
f. voluntary groups of teenagers
g. training centers
h. movies and series targeting the teenagers
i. shopping malls and display centers
j. fitness centers and other such centers.

These touch points are the places, where the teenagers get feedback about what they are doing and what they should do. These touch points should be sources of inspiration, new ideas and innovations for teenagers. Teenagers are most susceptible to influence. They are technology savvy, but they are impatient for change. They want to learn new things, but they often fail to differentiate right from wrong. They are often becoming rebellious also. They often disregard what they are told or ordered to do. They often disobey their parents and wish to create their own identity by expressing themselves through their initiatives. They also suffer from lack of clarity regarding life, the goals of life. They often need guidance about their expressions and personality. They also have a confusion about what they are (in terms of their presentation) and how can they present themselves better.
Let us all resolve to give a better support to the teenagers so that they are able to experience greater adventure and great accomplishments.

a. allow teenagers to pursue the sectors of their interest and put them in contact with the best persons in those sectors so that they can actualise their dreams
b. acknowledge, appreciate and recognise the small achievements of teenagers and help them visualize their dreams and be available as helping hand.
c. encourage and support teenagers in taking important decisions and help them in becoming what they wish to become by getting proper training.
d. inspire teenagers: - there is a saying 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. But the fact is that that perspiration follows inspiration. We have to inspire and motivate teenagers so that they are able to create a vision for themselves. They are able to achieve success only if we inspire them for some important goals of life. Let us inspire them.
e. listen teenagers: - They are often in confusions, they face hurdles and for them it is their first encounter to failure and they don't know how to face frustrations. They experience the realities of the world and often get shocked to see its vice. Listen to them and help them in preparing themselves for a better cause. Give them the assurance of a helping hand - ready to help always - ever always.

Dancing, Jumping, Laughing and Adventuring
The mysterious expressions of the teens
the age of explorations
the age of decisions
the age of restlessness
Unshackle them
Let them take up the flight
Bear with them, handle their emotions
Help them, show them the sunlight
Guide them, give them the direction
Nurture them, remove their confusions
Trust them, believe on their zeal
Inspire them, help them build great dreams

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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