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Are You Understanding?

Have you ever wondered if you fit the criteria of what it takes to be a true friend? It is good to examine this thought every now and then.

Sometimes when we think we know someone so well, we start to interject our thoughts when they talk, our feelings when they try to explain how they feel, or even block our ears when it is a life jacket they really need, and we don't hear their cries for help.

We are surrounded by people who need a friend. A true friend sees the needs of others and don't say, "I hope they get it?" They do what they can to help, even if lending a listening ear is all they have to give.

What about you, are you understanding when others need you to be? How do you show them that you are sincere... share your thoughts with us...
Are you understanding,friendship

I am so glad that there are others, who understand,
What life is all about, and they don't demand,
That you explain every little thing that goes through your head,
They don't try to judge you but they give you a shoulder to lean on instead.

They cry when you cry,
They sigh when you sigh,
They laugh when you laugh,
They love you when you need it most, and you don't have to ask.

They wipe your tears,
They calm your fears,
They offer their ears,
They are always near.

Do you have friends like this?
Who are there for you when you snap your fingertips?
Cherish these friends, who never leave your side,
You have a special bond, a friend that will be there for you throughout your lifetime.

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Jeanne Claire Probst
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