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Blow the Rest to the Wind

Sometimes, as we get older, for many of us, we learn that we can't seem to do what we used to be able to do, when trying to accomplish all we need to get done on some days. These times are like riding a bicycle up a long hill. We have to plan our strategy, so that we get where we want to be and feel good about what we could find strength to accomplish.

When I rode my bicycle up many steep hills in my life, I did what I could and then rested when I got tired along the way. The rest of the trip, the smelling of the pretty flowers, stopping to listen to the birds, well, these had to wait until I had a day that I was stronger and could make it over the top of these hills. What I couldn't do, I blew to the wind to take, as really having done my best, what else could I do? blow the rest to the wind,stratergy So often, we are too hard on ourselves and expect too much. It causes us to tax our bodies and minds, and this will put them in an "overload" situation. We need to prioritize what we have to work with, what we have to do, and plan how we're going to go about doing it. These planning strategies are like holding a deck of cards in our hands. The cards don't get passed out to the players, unless we deal them out first, one at a time. We should do the same when looking at our life's situations and the hills we need to get over.

When you are faced with situations in your life that you are having a difficult time dealing with, what do you do? How do you deal with your situation so that you can end your day feeling good about yourself? Share your thoughts with us...


You find yourself huffing and puffing,
Trying to make it to the top of a hill while you are out biking,
You find that at some points along the way,
You have to stop and rest a while, and this is okay.

Sometimes we are in a hurry, but because it took all our energy to complete our trip,
We didn't get to smell the flowers or listen to the birds, when we were out and these were missed.
There will be other trips, and other days that other bicycle rides we will take,
And on these trips, we will catch up on what we missed, as we will be feeling better and to do such things, time we will make.

Then there are days when the hills get too steep,
Our legs, our bodies and our minds, try hard to manage the trip but we are just too weak.
The only thing we can do at these times when a bike trip is too hard for us today,
Is to do what we have to, and put the rest of your trip off until another day.

Know your limitations; know what you can do,
Don't expect to bike up steep hills, if straight roads are all you can do.
All the rest that has to stay behind, let blow to the wind,
Get the rest you need, so that tomorrow, you can try all over again.

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Jeanne Claire Probst
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