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How many times in our lives, have we had to make changes and we were not always a happy camper as a result? I can think of many, many different times, where change was not a welcomed thought for me. Some changes though I had to accept because these where not something I could do anything about, such as...growing up, having to go to school, getting out of bed when I wanted to sleep in, or having to go to work so I could pay some of my bills (although never enough money to pay all my bills).

Then there are some changes that sneak by and change us a little at a time. Like the different juices, sodas, cookies or candy products that we enjoy, to name a few. What was wrong with them the original way we knew them to be? We won't even talk on the subject of all the changes in packaging, preserving and substitutes used in many of the foods we eat, because for the most part these changes have not really been good for us, good for our health, or good for our environment.

Add to these, the changes of our having to age. As we age in years, this will me that eventually we will have to change how we walk, the foods we can eat or even dealing with not being able to sleep like we once did. change,challenge Some changes are good for us I understand, and I know we have to learn to go with the flow, but sometimes I just want to put my foot down and say, "Enough." Still there are some changes I plan to make and these, starting today, will be changes that contribute to the happiness of people all around me. I am going to change even more how I treat others, be more of a listener than a talker. I want to be able to offer myself to those who need a shoulder to lean on but more importantly, I am going to work on the changes that will make me view myself in a positive light. I am not going to fight the fact that I will make mistakes... but I am going to learn from them so I don't make them again. I am going to take the negative things I have to face each day, and I will find ways to help me face them in a positive way. What about you? How does change affect you? What would you like to change? Please share your thoughts with us...


Why do things in life have to change?
Why can't the things we enjoy eating, drinking or even doing, stay the same?
Take coca cola for instance, and how it used to come in a glass bottle.
When they started putting it in cans, people tried to convince me that it tasted the same, but I knew this was going to be a tough one for me to swallow.

And, how about when the skirt lengths got changed from mini back down to just above the knees?
I didn't have too much of a problem with this one, as my mother never let me wear a mini, so when the longer skirts came back in style, this change was okay with me.
Dressing me for school wasn't going to cost my parents any money, as I already had a closet full of these knee-length skirts,
So when they came back in style, I was ready and fully prepared and to wear one to school, and I was going to be the first!

What about when we had to "grow" up?
I had thought being a kid was bad enough.
Now that I've have gotten older and lived on my own for some time,
I'd like to go back to being the innocent child I had been years ago, if you don't mind!

I didn't like having to move from house to house,
I didn't like learning what "real" responsibility was all about.
I didn't like it when I was new on a job and had to be trained for the tasks I was hired to do,
And I didn't like having to dress up because I felt, what I wore to work should be my decision to choose.

So even though change is part of life's game,
If it alright with you, I'll keep my life as I wish...as I don't like change.
Go ahead and change the whole world around me and see what you will gain,
But I am not going to budge anymore...I am firm about keeping things the way they are, and...this my friends is one thing I know for sure that is never going to change.

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