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Did I Miss Something?

Often we look in the mirror, comb our hair and it is just a routine part of our day. Every now and then we catch the reality of the person looking back at us who is aging. I've done this and I wonder where "time" has gone.

The world around us doesn't help us to age in the light of reality. We go to the mall or grocery stores, and they play music while we shop. Music is a motivator. The music is the same music I danced to and spent my allowance buying the records that played these songs over and over again when I was a teenager. What was I missing? Aging!

I have aged forty or fifty years since my teenage years, and yet the music I listen to today, still sounds to me as if they had just been released. The sound is clear, the music is just right, and you remember the artist in the light they were when the songs first came out. You never in your wildest dreams imagine that they have aged? So why did you? did i miss something,aging When I was in my thirties I felt as if I had the maturity of a more seasoned woman of forty or fifty. When I was in my forties or fifties I still had that youthful vigor that I had when I was in my thirties. Now that I have reached the sixties, I think like I am still in my thirties, but my body jumped ahead on me and I feel as if I have gained a few years before my time and have all the aches and pains that come with being run over by a mad truck! Where has time gone?

What do you do when reality hits you and you realize that you are getting older? How do you deal with the fact that you lost track of time only to have it catch up with you when you had a moment of pure insanity? Share your thoughts with us...


Oh dear, I just had a reality check, and you know what it is like having one of those,
Like a "How did I get so old moment," is what I should call them I suppose?
I mean really, how did I miss this trip?
There is still so much more for me to do, this getting old stuff is making me sick.

You know what I think?
I think the stores can take part of the blame for the "where did the time go" missing link.
Every time we go to the store, they are still playing the same songs we heard from the sixties and seventies,
Is it any wonder the fact that we have aged is hard for us to believe.

But those were good times and they did "Rock,"
I'll bet many of us that are now in this "aged" group used to rock around the clock.
I could do this anymore if I tried,
Today, by eight o'clock, my body and mind are fried.

Well, all this is beside the point and I do not like the reasoning's any better,
Hello, with the aging I have done, the highlight of my days is watching the news and the weather.
So, I did hear recently that things are going to get better?
I'll ask my doctor to hold off on all that extra "pick-me-up" medicine that she suggests I get over the counter.

I thought about her words and then I replied, "What will these do medicines do for me, may I ask?"
And my doctor responds that, "Writing scripts for the "aged" is just part of her job description, and part of her daily task."
The living it, is for you to do, this is your job.
I look back as I leave her office, and I drop my shoulders and think that somewhere along the line when it came to missing reality of time, I have been robbed!

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