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Changes in my life after joining i3

Even you have the power of decision in your hand to change your life
One single good decision can bring a lot of difference. Yes, it is true that one single good decision that we take can make a lot of difference in our life and, of course, we need to think a lot before taking any decision. It happened with me too. After thinking a lot of times, after putting a lot of questions to myself and after convincing my parents with a lot of efforts, I took the decision of joining i3 - influence inspire impact. I got to know about the youth inspiring platform called i3 through my friend who had already joined it. Listening to her saying about i3 and the changes that I saw in her, I got interested in it. I learnt more about i3 and finally joined it....!!!

Before joining i3, I was a person who used to speak less. I used to be shy and never used to take initiative earlier at all. I was quite a reserved person and also was less confident. So, my main intention to join i3 was to overcome my fear, to gain confidence, to know about myself and my strength and to prove myself.

After joining i3, after meeting mentors and Sujit Lalwani sir I got so inspired that I started to change my own way of being. After knowing about such inspiring people, I felt so inspired and confident that I realised that I could do lot of things. I have that capacity and I can do something different too...!!! Gradually, I even started interacting more with people around me. Today, I don’t feel the fear that I used to feel earlier. I am no more the old shy person; now, I am a person with self-confidence, finally a happy transformed person... So, for me i3 is a platform which helped me to know my strength and make it even stronger and helped me bring out the leadership quality in me... I would like to thank my friend who told me about i3, my mentors and the whole i3 team - their inspiration, influence and impact on me.... “One single good decision of joining i3 brought a lot of difference in me!!!”

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