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Passions and dreams. Are they both the same?

Industry doesn't create any scope. We create cope for it and each field is challenging. It is depended on us on how seriously we take it and work with passion.
"The basic needs of humans are food, clothing and shelter. But for living life, you need beautiful eyes to look for the good in others, beautiful lips to speak only words of kindness and a poise walk with the knowledge that you’re never alone. It is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."
Passions and dreams
After a lot of struggle, I got admission in diploma. Even though I had passed with good marks which are sufficient for a diploma, engineering was not in my kitty. I thought, "Definitely destiny has planned something for me".  With this thought I attended the first day of college with lots of energy and excitement. But in every lecture one question was common - "What is IT?" This question was very new for me and I was totally unaware about it. Also, I didn’t understand that question. Yet, I completed my diploma but never tried to find an answer for this question. Now, I’m pursuing second year of engineering from IT department but am very passionate about hardware computer repairing. I'm following my passion.

Once I was returning from a wedding by bus. After some distance a lady came and sat beside me. She asked many questions and, once again, I faced the same question. The question was, "Now, what is the Scope of IT in India? My daughter has just passed 10th and I need advice on what should I suggest her to do." I said to her, "Ma'am, industry doesn’t create any scope. We create cope for it and each field is challenging. It is depended on us on how seriously we take it and work with passion." She took all information about subjects and addresses of colleges. She said, "God bless you, study well". This encouraged me to study further.

"Follow Your Goals, Vision for Life & Passion also." You might be confused because till now we’ve heard, "Follow your dreams or goals passionately". But for me, passion and dreams, both are separate. I have a dream to wear that ‘black cap and coat’ which is a symbol of an engineering degree holder. After completing Engineering I want that. I have a dream to make my parents feel proud and many more. I’ve already mentioned about my passion. Because of my friend Mrs. Pallavi, this passion come across which I had never thought about. We both share the same passion. Sometimes we’ve worked for 6-7 hours continuously and haven't realized time passing at all. We have worked to become successful in our passion.

Follow Your Passion with lot of Dedication and Determination.

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Komal Bhopi
Komal Bhopi is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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