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Winner of Battle!

Begin to see your troubles as blessings, resolve to transform your stumbling blocks into stepping stones, and turn your wounds into your wisdom
I think no one is here in this world who doesn't have challenges and twisted turns in his/her life. Life has its various phases and every phase of life is like a mystery to solve, which we have to solve anyhow. Life is a book and each day is like a page to turn. Every day a new chapter gets open. It’s also true that the book which is called as life has many folds and hidden surprises inside. At what time and on which turn a new surprise will get open, nobody knows. I can say that some phases are full of adventures while some have panic with attacks. If we define it so it’s like two phases of a coin. When we toss it, suddenly one side gets open. It can be a side of your choice or may be not! But the thing is that we have to face it and accept it, willingly or deliberately.

When I have started to get to know about life I found it as an examination to pass or a non-stop journey. I do agree that every person has many problems, many times failure, worries and misfortunes in his/her living. In certain situations a feeling of nervousness generates and the person finds himself completely broken and helpless. Some situations are those in which some of us quit by getting under forceful situations, and never try it again to resolve it because of fear of failure again Here a question is rising- Who would agree with me among you all, that we learn most of the things from our most difficult experiences of life? I think many of you will say yes! The fact is that our troubles are our teachers who teach us various lessons of life from different aspects. Sometimes, I often wonder as to why we human beings spend so much of our lives focusing on negative aspects. Why we quit so easily in our situations if we get any failure on any stage? We lose hopes and courage and sit like an empty-handed person. If you have a life then it won't happen that you can expect it without fluctuations and twisted turns.
Winner of Battle
No one can reach his/her destiny without struggle and hard work. It’s for sure that those situations must come in your ways which shake your mind. But it’s up to you on how you will treat your troubles. Life always gives two options, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. As per that, it’s your choice on how you would set your mind. Remember that your journey has begun from that platform on which you are standing. It may happen that you may get failure in your journey, may be twice, thrice, or more than that. But with that failure you must get something unexpected in a positive way. It will give you the courage to try again and again. It will give you the power of raising your boost. It will set up the perfect coordination between you and your mind with innovative thoughts. Your ability and power will regenerate. It’s a true saying that "practice makes a man perfect” same as troubles that make you indirectly strong in yourself. These are blessings on you. Treat you worries as a boon and not as a curse on you. If you do so, life will become much easier. On one hand, if you are being demoralized by your troubles in your current situation then on the other hand, you have been raising your inner ebullient indirectly. It’s not necessary that a person should get what he desires at just one glance. It’s like, when you do anything for the first time in your life, it’s not compulsory that you will hit the arrow on the exact target. If you miss the target only then will you realize a better way to make it best the next time. Same is the case in life's cases and in troubles with pains. When you don't face life's challenges you will never come to know on how to get rid of all such things. Keep patience and accept troubles and its impacts on you.
The day will come when your problems will leave your path itself if you don't give up! Everything has a limit which breaks, and your situations and circumstances have their own limits and at a certain time they will break for sure. But, until that happens you have to keep patience and have to keep yourself calm, cool and relaxed. On the other side, you have to raise your wisdom for the next try. If I have to illustrate, I have seen so many people laughing in their troubles and in their worries. They smile and make themselves strong by boosting up their courage with lots of hard work behind the aim. They keep conviction of winning the fight of their battle. Begin to see your troubles as blessings, resolve to transform your stumbling blocks into stepping stones, and turn your wounds into your wisdom. Learn from the mistakes you have made and the suffering you have endured. Remember you are on a dream land. So, try hard, love more, be positive, raise your self-esteem and treat your troubles as blessings on you, because it does work in your favour. If on any way of your life, you find yourself tied in between worries, always remember a line said by the great poet (Robert frost) with keeping smile on your face...

The woods are dark and deep, but I have promises to keep,
Miles to go before I sleep,.. Miles to go before I sleep!!
After all, you have to win your fight and become "Winner of Battle".

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Hira Khan
Hira khan is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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