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Zeal For Life...

Everyone has a fighter in them. It's you who has to awaken the fighter in you to combat the challenges of life. This story of this young little girl can awaken the giant fighter in you...
If you help yourself then definitely God will help you. This is a story about a young girl who was very passionate for life. She fought against destiny and came across as a winner! 

The story is about a lusty young girl. She was in 5th grade at the time, who lived in a joint family. She had four siblings. Her father had many dreams for his daughters and dreamt a big house because the family was big but the house was too small. After so many struggles, obstacles and lots of hard work her father's dream came true of building a big house, which took almost 3 years to complete. The family was living happily together. Almost after 2 years an incident happened which they never expected.

On the day of a festival all were enjoying and busy in their work. Suddenly, they heard a sound like that of a "Bomb Blast"! The sound was too loud that all neighbours gathered together in their house and asked, "What happened?” But no one knew what had happened. But, all realized that the sound came from the terrace. All were in shock because they slowly realised that something major had happened. Father went on the terrace but didn't find anything. Then he went and searched on the roof. What he saw was really shocking as his younger daughter had fallen on the roof and white water was flowing from her mouth. He started crying seeing her in that condition. She was unconscious and not responding. 

Her mother saw something and screamed loudly. The girl’s skin started to separate from her body. They realized that she had encountered an electrical shock. Her face started to swell and she was not able to move her right hand. She couldn't feel anything when the doctor pinched her on the right hand. After 7 days the girl woke up from the trauma. When her mother enquired her as to what happened she said, “I went on terrace to remove dried clothes.  Because of the strong wind cushion cover flew on the roof. As I couldn’t reach that I climbed on the small wall besides that roof. I was trying to get that by left hand and my right hand was free and I don't remember what happened next. Her mother was confused about how she had encountered an electric shock. Actually, that was rainy season. When the girl had tried to reach that thing on the roof a drop of water fell on her hand from the electrical outlet and there was current flow through her whole body. When the current flow released it had thrown her on the roof and she had a hole in her cheek.
Fashion Design
Doctor came out of ICU and said, "We have to remove her skin, which came in contact with the current". Literally, her skin was coming out like we peal any fruit skin. On second day, doctor gave another bad news that her right hand was needed to be separated from her body because that was not working at all. Before infection spread they had to separate. Parents were very depressed. They said in agony, "She is just 10 years old. How can she bear this pain?”

Doctor said, “She is a fighter. If God has written this in her destiny than He will definitely help her.” The day came when her hand was going to be separated. The hospital had called a specialist for surgery who came 4 hours late to the hospital. He monitored her and saw one improvement. She responded 5% which meant that her hand had started working but not completely. The specialist also said, “Her zeal to survive gives us hope and she’s responding".  After 7 days she improved by almost 40%. But her struggle had not stopped yet. She had also gone through plastic surgery because her cheek almost had a hole. In three weeks she went through 2 surgeries.

She demanded her parents to give her book & pencil. She starts writing with the left hand because she had realized (even though no one had told her) that her right hand no more could work. Daily she wrote 2 pages. Doctor said, “I have never seen this much zeal for life". She spent 2 months in hospital and went through lot of pain and struggle. Totally, she had 6 surgeries in 2 months. But she never cried or felt guilty while seeing her face in the mirror. 

When I asked her, "What give you the power to deal with this incident?” she replied, "Some people of this society taunt me saying that I would need life time help from my parents and that I wouldn’t be able to do anything without other’s help. But, I never take it in a negative way. That situation taught me to fight and deal with any situation". We hear many times that if God closed one door He opens several others if you have the zeal to deal with situations.

Now, she has grown as a young and beautiful girl. Recently, she gave the SSC exam. She is an independent girl. She doesn't like to take help from others. Her right hand is not working, but she accepts the reality which some normal people don't have courage to accept.
People tagged her as "Born Artist". She didn't take any training in painter but her drawing is a passion and she can make excellent Mehendi designs also. She can draw better than a trained artist and does all the work with her left hand. She has dreams to be a "Fashion Designer". She said, “My parents are a big support. I want to came across as the world’s best artist and want to fulfill my papa's dream also.”

Lastly she said

"ज़िन्दगी हमें बहोत कुछ सिखाती है , कभी  हसती  हैं, तो  कभी  रुलाती  हैं, पर जो हस्ते हुए जिंदगी  को  अप्नाले .....!!! उन्हीके आगे ज़िन्दगी सर झुकाती "
- Life teaches us many things. Sometimes it makes us laugh and sometimes cry. One who happily accept it.... Life accepts that person. It’s certainly something that you don't forget that type of energy which she had. The Zeal For life that She had...

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Komal Bhopi
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