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Anarchy to Monarchy

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Earlier to the arrival of different types of bureaucracies and government systems in this world the world was divided into kingdoms which were ruled by different individual leaders. The ruler could either be a king or a queen. Different names were attributed to this ruler in different parts of the world. Every ruler was succeeded by his/her heir to the throne. It used to be a family affair of who would rule the kingdom and it was considered as the right that’s received in the blood directly from the God. In fact, the Monarch was considered as equivalent to the God. Such provinces which had a single ruler called as a Monarch ruling his subjects were known to follow the monarchy system of governance. Democracy or communism was not heard of in those days. Irrespective of whether the Monarch was good or bad everything in the state happened as per his orders and regulations. He was solely responsible for keeping up the well-being of his society. In case of battles or wars or unexpected death of the Monarch the next heir used to take the throne to make sure that there is always an authority that is ruling over the kingdom. In case of those situations when there would be no heir to take the Monarch’s position and the existing Monarch was dead there aroused the situation of Anarchy. Anarchy is a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems. As there was no single authority to take care of social harmony or justice evil people used to take advantage of such situations and loot the others. The neighbouring Monarchs saw this as the right time to launch their attack on the civilians and destroy the kingdom to conquer it. Absence of Monarchy used to give rise to such an Anarchy that would eventually destroy the existing civilization itself.
Anarchy to Monarchy
A leader is one who leads oneself and others just follow him. Running a kingdom or a state or a province or a country requires a leader to run it. If the leader is so mighty to be a Monarch to run an entire empire successfully well, then, definitely he must be planning and managing his time perfectly well in order to take care of every aspect of the kingdom really well. Not all of us might be such Monarchs to rule an entire state but each one of us is a Monarch of our own lives. We might not have the insurmountable responsibilities of running a big kingdom consisting of thousands of people and numerous challenges to deal with but each one of us have our own self to take care of. A Monarch might plan the expansion of his kingdom while each one of us needs to plan the growth of our education and career. A Monarch might plan projects to improve the lives of his subjects while we need to plan on how to increase our knowledge and wisdom and develop our skills and talents. A Monarch might plan on how to train his army to defend the country against external attacks and for launching war campaigns while we need to train ourselves both mentally and physically for self-defense and to face unexpected challenges. A Monarch might get busy planning the annual grand festival of his kingdom to entertain his people while each one of us also need to plan on how we would celebrate the special occasions of our lives.

With anarchy in place none of the above-mentioned things can happen in the kingdom. It’s a state of disorder where anything can happen and there is no one to stop the injustice caused to anyone. People suffer as they have no authority to go and seek help from. There is no punishment for criminals as there is no law and order system controller at all. Same shall become the case in our lives when we lose the authority over the time in our life. Losing authority over time means when we are unsure about what we are doing and its deadline. This is the state of Anarchy in our lives. You can find a lot of people around you living such lives. They are either moving through their work slowly or are spending away time as nothing is assigned to them or because they have finished their previous assignment. There are many such individuals who don’t plan what to do next. They just follow a routine of life of waking up in the morning, going to study place or work place because it has got fixed timings and passing time through the day with ongoing processes just waiting for the day to end and reach back their beds to sleep. Such people just wander through life as they don’t affix any goals for their lives. They have dreams but never make an action plan to achieve them within a prescribed time. Such people have differentiation between busy and free time. Their description of free time is the time when they don’t have any work. Only a person who hasn’t set high aspirations in life can get such free time. These are the facets of anarchy that result in a mediocre lifestyle which is not mediocre just in terms of money but mediocre in terms of zeal, happiness, fame, success and all other positive aspects of life.
If you have gone through or even felt any of the states spoken above then it’s time to make the shift from Anarchy to Monarchy. You have to bring back the ruler in you who shall decide the priorities of your life, plan your days, weeks, months and years, gather back your strengths and talents and make you work hard to achieve your goals and targets. Everyone has a Monarch inside them. The more respect you adore him with the better he shall plan and manage your time and help you lead a successful life. You should follow his orders once he has charted out the plan irrespective of what state of mind you’re in. If you disobey his plan he shall subside from his position automatically and Anarchy sets in your life and we better know the sad state of Anarchy in our lives. You become what you plan to become. You can plan voluntarily when you give the reigns of your life in the hands of the Monarch inside you else the environment around you has the capacity to make you feel that you are right by going as per the plan set by it which might not be what you want in your life. If you plan your next one year of life with complete clarity then you are on your way to achieve what you have planned in a year of time. If you have planned the next one month then you know what you are set on for next month. If you have planned next one week then you’re clear about what to do in next 7 days. If you have at least planned for next one day then the Monarch is alive in you for next 24 hours to make sure that you use those hours rightly well. Your plan-span determines the lifespan of the Monarch in you. The kingdom is in under proper governance as long as the Monarch is on the throne. Likewise your life is under your control as long as you know what to do next in the prescribed amount of time. So, plan your time in your life so well that Anarchy shall never surface and Monarchy shall always rule your life towards glory.

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