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Enough of Training the Employees, Start Inspiring the Employers

Can't we inspire our employers to become true human beings over and above money minting business-tycoons? Find your answers through real examples who have set the benchmark standard of what a true employer should be with regard to his employees
Everyone is talking about “Unemployable graduates”. However, no body is talking about “Unsuitable Employers”. We are all talking about training employees so that they become better employees; however, no body is talking about inspiring employers so that they become better employers. One good employee can serve only one employer and can change the life of one employer alone. However, one good employer can change the lives of thousands or may be lakhs of people. A good employee cannot ensure that the employer becomes a good one. However, one good employer will ensure that every employee becomes a good employee. So, are we not in the wrong direction? Shouldn’t we focus on developing the capabilities of employers? What are we doing to train the employers? How are we inspiring the employers? The modern materialistic world only propagates relations as pure exchange relations, and therefore, there is no possibility of an eternal bondage (because exchanges are only for the time being and once the exchange is over, there is no relationship beyond a memory). Shouldn’t we change the way we train our employers? Shouldn’t we provide them with some inspirational content so that they become better employers?
 Inspiring the Employers
Mr. K.C Bothra worked as an accountant in Bikaner Assam Roadlines Ltd., in Assam. His wife suffered from Cancer. His employer gave him full support for treatment of his wife. His wife was getting treatment in Bikaner, so he was shifted to Bikaner. As long as his wife was alive, he was posted in Bikaner to take care of his wife. Mr. Gangadatta was a driver with Mr. Zavaray Poonawala in Pune. When Gangadatta died after 30 years of service, Mr. Poonawala cancelled all his programs, took a helicopter to reach his funeral (Mr. Poonawala was in Mumbai at that time) and drove the dead body in the same Limousine which Mr. Gangatta used to drive. Ramlal Banthia had a bachelorette maid servant. He searched for a groom for her and got her married as his own daughter. Mr. Ramlal is no more, but even today the sons of Mr. Banthia (Mr. Vijay and Mr. Vinod) treat her like their sister. Renowned journalist Mr. Narayan D Bareth suffered an accident and remained hospitalized for a long time. His employer provided him full salary and support. He has now shifted to Haridev Joshi University of Journalism and Mass Communication, Jaipur but proudly recalls his association with his previous employer. Mr. Sushil has been working as a “Munim” with a Marwari firm for last thirty years. For him, it is an employment for lifetime. Whenever he faces any crisis, his employer helps him both in terms of money and emotional support. He has overcome all his challenges due to full support by his employer. These are only a few examples of what an employer can do and should do. There are umpteen number of such examples that we can find around us. These examples can help us in inspiring the employers to become better employers.
The B-Schools train students with world-class case studies depicting minute details and numbers and convert their graduates into number crunching analysts. However, can they also instill humanitarian values, which have percolated down from generations to generations in this amazing country called India? Here employment is not an association for some exchanges, but a long emotional bondage where both employer and employee support each other. Can B-Schools incorporate case studies of Mr. Ramlal Banthia or Mr. Zavaray Poonawala or Bikaner Assam Roadlines? Can they introduce training programs for employers which can convert organisations into humane spaces, where people can feel that they are in an authentic, trusting and supporting environment?  In today’s times, when families are shrinking, relationships are become fragile and every second person seeks guidance from psychiatrist about his loneliness. Can there be some thoughts about transforming organisations into truly caring families? We all know that our lives are very trivial and all the materialistic possessions have even more trivial lives. It is the ideas and memories that we create that remain forever. When we are evaluating every relationship on the yardstick of money, can’t we introduce human relations as the yardstick for our employer-employee relationships? Can’t we inspire our employers to become true human beings over and above money minting business-tycoons? Let’s start a small initiative in this direction and see the change in the lives of people around us.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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