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Good Morning

The beautiful chirpings of the birds!
I wonder what they say
Good morning
Is it their way to welcome the sun,
Who has just awakened from a beautiful dream of a wonderful world?
Good Morning
Where everything is calm and gentle like a rabbit's fur
Everything pious like the taste of the chocolate which melts up like the water flowing down the stream
And the serene morning sun unleashes its warmth into the cool air.

Trees sing their songs of happiness in the voice of winds as the sun tells his dream.
BRAVO! Nature is dancing in its full spirit as it knows one day it’s gonna be true.
And today let me tell you a secret that,
That day can be today cause
I know when you'll wake up you will shine your and my world with your most beautiful smile.
So wake up fast and let the sun realise his dream!

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Suman Choudhary
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