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Shatter Your Shackles Of Mediocrity

Shatter your shackles of mediocrity, 

Unleash your creativity,
There is no shackle which binds you,
It is your mind which becomes shackled to you.
If your dream is the body,
Then your action is its soul,
Daydreaming will not lead you to any goal.
Your thoughts should convert into execution,
It will bring into your life a revolution,
You cannot get what you never desire.
Kindle in your heart passion's fire.

First knock your mind's door
And Inquire;
What do you really long for?
What do you really admire?
What is that you do, but never tire?
As that alone can be your real goal,
Do not restrain, do not control,
Let it flow until it becomes actual,
Never think you are incompatible,
Have faith and
Follow your desire.
Unlock your great potential,
Faith in one's own self is essential,
Have motivational thought in plenty,
Turn your dream into reality.

Many a time you want to break
The shackles of mediocrity,
But do you know what holds you back,
Nothing but your beliefs,
Nothing but your thinking
That you are not meant for such a life,
Which is extraordinary.
Nobody is born extraordinary.
But it is one's extra effort,
That makes a man an extraordinary,
Know this and never yield to mediocrity.
Shatter Your Shackles Strike these shackles off!
Which no one tied, but you.
That is why these shackles
Cannot be broken by anyone,
Except you,
Neither this poem will do miracle nor any book,
If it is so all the Librarians must be
The most Successful persons,
But it is not so.

Shatter the shackles of mediocrity,
As great men say-
Men are not the prisoners of fate,
But only prisoners of their minds.
What is mind?
Just an accumulation of thought and impressions,
Change your thoughts
And transform your life.
Shatter the shackles of mediocrity,
Greatness is waiting for you,
It is true, true and true.

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