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Capabilities Beyond Science

The term science was coined by the human race and the very same field has grown leaps and bounds beyond the human understanding. It's once again time to restart the race and use the human power of WILLINGNESS to go far beyond science
Human evolution is a combination of two factors “Will power” and “biological processes”. The modern science has been able to discover the biological processes very accurately. Very intricate and detailed analysis of biological processes is possible. The detailed analysis of biology has made life predictable, easier to understand and simplified. Science has truly been a boon to life. However, there is more than what science can discover. The element of “Will power” has been ignored by science and still remains beyond the realm of scientific study. The contribution of “Will power” is amazing and no science has been able to capture this contribution. Above all, it is a human creation having potential greater than any other object in this world.

I will illustrate to clarify. Renowned Rajasthani writer and indologist Mr. Agarchand Nahata had a very poor sight. He could not even read. Science had no solutions. Mr. Agarchand Nahata kept trying to read books and understand literature. As he progressed, his eye-sight improved. He kept piling literature and kept building his will power. The eye-sight also kept on improving. This is the proof to the triumph of “Will power” over “biological reality”.

Rajasthani Folk Dancer and Choreographer Dr. Shreyans Jain’s son also had very poor sight. Dr. Shreyans contacted every doctor, but there was no solution. Dr. Shreyans encouraged his son to devote to the field of dancing. The little child immersed into the field of dancing at a tender age of four. With devoted efforts there were also simultaneous positive results. No medication, no eye-sight treatment, just devotion to dancing enabled the child to improve vision. This is another instance of the triumph of “Will power” over “biological reality”.
Will Power
We all have read the story of Wilma Rudolph, who had suffered polio and was not even able to walk properly until the age of twelve, but went on to become the fastest runner of the world by getting Gold Medal in 1960 Olympics. She had proved the triumph of “Will power” over “biological reality”.

While everyone is focusing on science not many talk about “Will power”. Salutations to science, but if we can enhance “Will power”, it can do wonders. Yes, we can do it. We can enhance our capabilities to concentrate, to visualize and to change our destiny. We all can change our future through our own simple initiatives.

As we grow old, we also get negative arguments and barriers from others in the society, and therefore, our own will power gets blocked. When we think that “It is possible”, there is a negative argument creeping from some other person and we stop our own thinking. The process of aging through this world creates its own challenges for us as we keep accepting others arguments and start negating our own capabilities. Respecting renowned persons we negate our own thinking and cut down our own creative capabilities. Parents and particularly mothers play a very important role in building a positive will power in the child. Constant encouragement to a child to “think positive”, “think big” and “believe in constructive power of the self” enables development of the “Will power” beyond our own imagination.

I propose a simple five point propositions to create a constructive climate for a better future: -

  1. Surround all our children and adults with positive ideas and positive thoughts (it can be through stories, pictures, movies, inspirational books, talks, videos, and study material)
  2. Enable our children and adults to meet those who have done miracles in their lives and to get an opportunity to listen to them first hand.
  3. Train teachers, parents, counsellors, and family members to use a very positive and motivational language and have a rich repository of stories, instances and incidents, which they can share with younger ones to create a positive vision in the minds of children and adults
  4. Decorate the walls of schools, colleges and institutions with pictures and messages which show positive capabilities
  5. Introduce a five minute meditation session in all schools and colleges where the students let their imagination float in a positive direction.
These five points can easily be implemented by involving educational administrators, teachers training institutions, educational planners and media. A simple reprimand by a teacher can change from “You are a useless person” to “You didn’t try your best; you can do miracles if only you try”. Sentences can be reworded, attitudes can be changed and ideas can be re-shaped. Small subtle changes can change the world. Institutions have always taught science. Now, they should start teaching something beyond Science also. When we have tried for years to make people scientific, can’t we try for a few years trying to make people believe in their own capabilities beyond science. Let’s advocate people to be “beyond scientific”.

The first step is
The imagination of the first step
The greatest achievement is
The imagination of the greatest achievement
As imagination is
The devotion of ourselves to reality
Imagine a heaven
Yes, it’s there
Imagine a dream
Yes, it will happen
When there is no hope
Let’s create a hope
When there is no path
Let’s create a path
When people say a no
Let’s create a yes
When people don’t trust
Let’s create a trust

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Trilok Kumar Jain
Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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