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Crazyheads - Opening doors to new talent

Crazy people have been changing the dimensions of this world from ages. Here is another group of crazy heads who are taking up the path of technology to bring new crazy changes in our world
“Figure out what you’re good at, and hit it hard again and again until you get what you want and don’t forget to have some fun in the process!” says Saurabh who discovered his love for entrepreneurship when selling PC games to friends at inflated prices and made good money.

Vaibhav, who ignited the qualities of an entrepreneur while in grade 7 by purchasing beyblades and selling them at profitable price to his friends, is the co-founder of Crazyheads along with Saurabh.

Crazyheads, a two year old start up, has been a product of innovation. They understood that what was being taught to us in college was barely enough and figured that learning can have better dimensions and one could learn a lot more on the internet. They bring together people who have an interest of going beyond traditional academia and wanting to apply real world skills under one single roof. Saurabh and Vaibhav primarily operate from Vizag, whereas they have offices in Behrampur, Hyderabad and California too.

Vaibhav is a dreamer and comes up with amazing ideas every second day while Saurabh is more of a business minded person and this pair goes along with making the success of their aim to huge diversities at Crazyheads. But each startup has to go through a phase of finding the right people who can nourish the vision of the founders. The failure and success of any startup depends on the team working on it. Having dug deeper for talent Crazyheads, today, has people from the most unimaginable places that have a mindset similar to that of the company.
On knowing from Saurabh about the challenges that he might have to face in future, he mentions, “We’ve always had plans to focus on a product and not just limit ourselves to a service based company. Working on a viable product and ensuring that it sells is probably one of the biggest challenges.”

Keeping the lowest expectations and budding out with the best outcomes gives immense happiness and the same happens at Crazyheads for the founders didn’t know how the company would be panning out when they started it. “We wanted to ensure a common platform for like-minded people and we continue to build on the same ideology till date,” states Vaibhav.

The support has always been a driving force which they got from friends, family, clients, well-wishers and there has been passion behind creating amazing work every day! This support when brought to work in the right way at the right time can find the steps to success. Maintaining the same quality since the very beginning along with setting high standards for self-improvement and customer satisfaction has been a reason for them to be referred by the huge means of word of mouth resulting in building of new clients along with repeated clients. “Right from helping a customer setting up their website to ensuring social media reach, our support extends wholeheartedly to all of our customers,” says Saurabh.

A business model being unique has attracted the graduates from technical and non-technical courses who were left without a job despite having all the required qualifications. Crazyheads serves as a platform for zealous enthusiasts to curb unemployment and make the students learn new concepts each day. Making the students earn and learn, the founders would interview candidates for a position at Crazyheads and provide training for a period ranging from six months to a year by the Crazyheads staff. After the training is completed, they would be bound to work for Crazyheads for another year. “This not only gives unemployed youth and curious students an opportunity to work on real time projects, but also provides them with a real set of marketable skills,” says the duo.

They have been awarded the fastest emerging digital media start-up of the year by Brands Academy and also been awarded the SAM Global youth award at Vellore. They have taken up the opportunity to present their ideas at conferences of corporate honchos like Dell and KnowledgeHut.  They are also a Microsoft BizSpark startup, in fact, one of the very first ones from Vizag.
Technology in the form of WordPress, Photoshop, PHP, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Drupal, Joomla, Buffer, Hotshot, Bootstrap, Moztools, Magento, Openkart, Zencart have been prominent platforms on which Crazyheads has worked so far. 

The five aspects that will be focused by Crazyheads in the next 5 years include, products, innovative marketing ideas, introducing new technologies, partnering with happening brands and recruiting quality members on a regular basis.

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IJ Anita Tejwani
IJ Anita Tejwani is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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