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Silicon Gigs - Taking Technology to the Next Level

Smart phones to smart homes to smart farms to a smart world... the technology is advancing at pacing steps only to make the human life much more pronounced on this planet. Welcome to the future...
Doesn’t India need to have better technology or smart farming to help the farmers rather than one political party blaming the other? Is it necessary for women to go from offices of lawyers to investors to SEOs for initiating a technology firm that might be useful to not only the society or nation but the future world? Can’t there be devices which can accurately mention about the disasters and their magnitudes and its place? Can we interact with machines just the way we do with our friends? Some might even want to live a carefree life with robots and high tech machines which prove helpful in each task. Each one understands these issues and illusions of the present world. It’s now time to step up!

What would you call a platform exclusively for boosting the present technology to the next level with the internet access spread across the globe or the revolution that might be witnessed when you’re driving to the workplace in your car and think of some tap left open, and on just a click of a button you have closed the tap? The unimaginable answer set to such questions gave birth to Silicon Gigs in the brain of Mr. Raj Pallapothu, 40, who is a former executive at Samsung America. Raj dreams of a future world where technology can curb the problems you’ve just read about.

Silicon Gigs is a global syndicate of entrepreneurs, start-ups, emerging technology companies and educational affiliates with operational associations in 10+ countries. This platform works with IoT products: Internet of Things is a computing concept that describes a future where everyday physical objects will be connected to the internet and will be able to closely identify themselves to other devices.

In 1999, Kevin Ashton, an expert on digital innovation quoted, “If we had computers that knew everything there was to know about things- we would be able to track and count everything and greatly reduce waste, loss and cost.” And today in 2015, Mr Raj has come up with his brain child named Silicon Gigs. “From knowing about an empty parking slot at a huge airport just 10 minutes before you reach would save not only fuel that is precious but also the time which is even more precious. Also, if you’re at the airport to drop someone, just take the luggage off and the car can park itself on the destined free slot,” states Raj. This is a type of communication that is carried out in intelligent fashion which makes the dreams of a Smart City come true.
Silicon Gigs
The whole concept of IoT revolves around machines and doesn’t include male labour which can be termed as “unmanned”. Something that has been exciting this generation is the unmanned aerial vehicle also known as ‘Drone’. Drones were never imagined to help farmers in their field and be the best friends in need. “Digital technology already exists and we at Silicon Gigs turn it to Smart Technology by bringing together the innovations of digital world,” mentions Mr. Pallapothu, who was one among the six people who pursued telemedicine as a special project in the whole of Asia-Pacific in 1999-2000.

Silicon Gigs also envisions for a device with sensors and a screen placed in the farm, connected to the internet which beeps and the LED turns red and displays on screen the weather forecast in case of natural calamity with accuracy of the areas and their temperatures.

Similarly, areas like Sports, Fitness, Health and Education can be taken to the next level with IoT, Embedded Technologies, Virtual Reality and Next Generation Human Machine Interaction. Major industries SG focuses on are:

1)  Automotive Electronics: automotive software libraries such as hands-free telephony, media management, digital signal processing and speech recognition combined with Android, iOS, or other platforms.

2)  Smart Home: From appliances to lights, power and security, everything is connected to one platform and can be monitored with a single app.

3)  Smart Farming: Making farms more intelligent by devices for weather forecast, Pest control management, crop monitoring base, soil mapping, crop rotation process, etc.

4)  Sports and Fitness Wearable: Wearable devices with sensors/ IC’s support that can monitor one’s fitness. Such devices are connected to the Cloud Integration Platforms and Embedded Technologies.

5)  Wireless Health and Smart Medical: Designing and Manufacturing Smart Medical Devices with functions such as sensor technology, networking, information and machine learning technology, decision support systems, modelling of behavioural and cognitive processes, as well as system and process modelling.
Silicon Gigs contains a business accelerator platform named “SG Accelerator” which acts as a next-gen accelerator supporting start-ups across USA, UK, South Korea and India.

“Silicon Gigs doesn’t have a product of its own but it’s a framework- a platform where all the technologies unite to bring out the best of everything combined into a blast!!” Mr. Raj says proudly.

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IJ Anita Tejwani
IJ Anita Tejwani is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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