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There is a famous saying “Guru devobhava” i.e. teacher is like God. The educational institutions which we study in are our second homes, here we learn, we become wise people and we gain the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

India is a land of great teachers, the educational system in India is of top quality, yet there seems to be a dearth of bonding between the teachers and students, the attitude on both the side seems to have undergone a sea change.
The students today have forgotten to respect their teachers. Being a lecturer myself, I get to see a new set of students every batch, there seems to be very few students who are grateful and acknowledge the efforts of teachers. The students who ones praise you and learn under you seem to completely ignore once they are no longer your students. The students on meeting the teachers in the corridor just ignore and walk off as strangers.

All this made me wonder how we were, even till today we remember our teachers with gratitude. We call them and report about our progress. But students today have developed an attitude which seems bad and not acceptable. Recently a degree student came to me, she had passed in her exams topping the class, she came with sweets after the initial wishing, I told her did you go and tell your previous lecturer thanks as because of her she was able to score well. Immediately the girl told me, "No ma'am I do not like that lecturer" and that she had done nothing great and she was receiving her salary and that was enough for her. Listening to this I was schoked and realized where we were headed too.

It's not only the media and movies which teaches the students to disrespect, but also the parents and family members play a major role in influencing the children. There was a time when parents scolded children for disrespecting teachers, today the parents come and scold teachers just to support the children. All this will definitely not lead anywhere. It is our responsibility to teach children to respect their teachers.
The teachers must also learn to love and respect students, teaching is one such profession where we can do a lot. A teacher moulds students like clay in potters hand, the teacher must mould it beautifully without being too harsh or rude.

It is also important for teachers today to be updated and keep offering new to the students, then only will the students be able to acknowledge your efforts and respect you.

This is a two way process where both the teacher and student must learn to appreciate and acknowledge each other in order to keep this bond strong forever and make it fruitful.

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Sonal Lobo
Sonal Lobo is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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