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4 Ways to Get the Most from Your Workspace

In just about any line of work, the amount of space available will dictate how productive an environment can be. Check out for some useful tips and tricks below.
Here's an example - Factory floors with lots of staff and machinery simply won’t work if there’s insufficient room for everybody and everything to effectively go about the job at hand which can result in chaos in some cases.

If you’re finding that you don’t appear to have enough room to house the people and items that are essential you may have considered relocating. Before you do that though, you may want to try a few nifty tricks to see if your problem can be solved.
Get more from your workspace
1. Have a Clear Out

It may seem like an obvious point but you’d be surprised at what you might find knocking around and taking up valuable space. Everything from old paper files to obsolete or nonworking technology and rejected products to cardboard overflow can eat at your available space.

If you aren’t obliged to keep hold of anything and you no longer have use for it, get rid. Most businesses will find that they can fill a skip or two with all of the unnecessary things they have lying around.

2. Downscale Equipment

As time has moved forward, so has design and that is especially true when it comes to work equipment. Computers, monitors, telephones, printers and cabinets have all been reimagined at some point down the line and had newer, alternative models been made available.

If you’re still working with big back computers or bulky furniture, it may be time to consider investing in new items to streamline processes. If you swap 10 monitors for slimline alternatives you could create anywhere from one to four metres of extra space. It may not sound like much on the face of it but that’s plenty more room for productivity and efficiency.

3. Install a Mezzanine Floor

If you’re struggling to create space, or need more than you seem to able to make, a mezzanine floor may be the best avenue to go down. A mezzanine floor is basically an added level to a room, providing increased capacity with minimal impact on current operations.

It is installed in unused overhead space, meaning you can achieve more space simply by using the space you have. Mezzanine floors can be used for a multitude of purposes too, including storage, warehouse, office and retail space, so just about any business can benefit from them.
4. Think about Purchases

Many businesses purchase supplies in bulk and of course there’s nothing wrong with this – if you have the room that is. While it may be easier to order 60 boxes of printer paper or 5000 cardboard shipping boxes, if you can get away with taking a more little and often approach, you’ll definitely reap the rewards.

Where do you keep 150000 sheets of paper where they won’t get in the way? Do you have the space, or even the need, to keep 5000 boxes at any one time? This is all room that could go towards enabling your staff to be more productive and of course will even make delivery and storage that much easier to cope with.

Moving Forwards in the Future

Even if none of these provide you with quite enough space and you do end up relocating, they’re still great points to keep in mind for your new premises. You don’t want to find yourself in an avoidable, similar situation in the near future.

You could have a clear out when you are packing your stuff up for the move and buy new equipment ready for your new address. A mezzanine floor can provide up to double the space in an existing room so is well worth remembering if you’re ever stuck.

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