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Autobiography of a coin

I fell down from his hand
I came down on the road
cars were passing by
people were passing by

I kept lying
waiting for some chance
so that I could be a source of smile
my previous owner didn't need me
He had plenty like me
he used to throw me
I used to pray for an escape
finally I have got one
but now I am afraid
will I really get my worth?
will I really bring cheers?
will someone smile??
will someone hug me?

Suddenly a huge truck passes over me
I am dug inside the earth
will I disappear in the road?
will I never help people?

I am worried
will there be a dawn?
suddenly a boy fell on the road
I am feeling pity on the boy
the boy is weeping
beautiful black boy
the boy in tatters
the boy with dusty looks
the boy with sparkling eyes

I want to hug the boy
I sparkle
I feel like crying
the boy sees me
picks me up
jumps with joy
rushes to his mother
hands over me to the lady in rags
narrated the whole story

The lady in tears,
the lady in cheers
she gives me back to the boy
to bring some floor

I jubilant
my wish fulfilled
I become what I wanted to
& achieved the purpose of my life.

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