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In the Flux of Eternity

Our ego thinks we are immortal
But, in the flux of eternity
Our existence is just like a
Camphor on fire

Just like one GB three G recharge
Just like dip bottle's oozing drops
Life is heading towards death
But it is also a fact that
The paintings remain, the painter dies
The Statues remain, the sculptor dies
The songs remain, the singer and the lyricist die
The poems remain, the poet dies

Cinemas remain, the actors and the directors die
Love remains, the lovers die
My writings will remain, I will die
It means the creation remains, the creator dies

But there is one exception
The creator (God) remains, creations (we) die

Life is continuously moving
And change is the law of nature
We change so many things
Our hair-style, dressing sense, cars, places
Jobs, friends and interests

And one day God or nature changes us (our bodies)
Albeit, the soul remains, the body dies
Thus, both God and soul remain, matter die
In the body, we are limited
In soul, we are beyond time.
In soul, we are eternal

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