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The Seed

A raw seed, just thrown
Half-hidden in the soil,
The air and water oozes
And it starts blooming

After a while,
A very beautiful flower broods
Out of this,
Breezing its fragrances
The Seed
Somewhere under the sky,
Ah! then Another seed,
But more subtle
just falls here,

Religion and culture
Nourishes it with care,
And it starts brood somewhere
And you know! flower blossom

Out of this,
But having different petals
Of vivid colour-
Some morally red,
Some corrupted black,
Some patriotic saffron,
Some greedy blue,
And peaceful white, very few.
A distorted flower starts losing
Its original colour,
It seems, seed cries,
"Shut your morality,
And let humanity blossom
Within me".

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