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Two weeks left before the start of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague!

In as little as two weeks, on 19 May, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016 will be held - the event for bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts from Europe and the rest of the world. We invite everyone who is interested in the development of blockchain technologies, smart contracts and cryptocurrency services to spend the whole day with likeminded people.

You will be able to attend the conference with two themed panels and exhibition of blockchain-based solutions: payment services, wallets, all possible solutions for e-commerce, realization of smart contracts. At the end of the event you are welcome to join a party that will take place five minutes away from the conference hall.
Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference
Blockchain technologies that make telecommunication fast and transparent inspire participants and organizers. We are united in our desire to make business and daily routine simpler – without wasting time and money on bureaucracy.

The event will be helpful for financial experts, IT developers and businessmen working with cryptocurrencies, blockchain and smart contracts. Among speakers one can find founders and managing directors of payment services and bitcoin wallets, as well as lawyers and marketing experts, specializing in the sphere of digital currencies.

Participants will include:

- Service for making bank wire transfers in bitcoin Bitwala;
- Manufacturer of mining equipment and software HashCoins;
- Blockchain based platform for running business 7Elephant;
- Personal financial service Wirex;
- Gaming software provider Tom Horn Gaming;
- Manufacturers of universal debit card Nanocard;
- CoinsBank and other companies.

Main topics of the conference:

- Blockchain in financial system and its specific implementations;
- Legislative approaches of different countries to the issue of cryptocurrencies;
- Practical application of blockchain technologies (gadgets, Internet of things);
- Protection against cybercrime;
- Cases of companies.

12 speakers – 12 topics in one day

Head of analytic company and author of the book on cryptocurrencies Jack Tatar will speak about bitcoin as an investment object: how to become an investor of cryptocurrency startup and what return to expect.

The topic of cross-border payments is highlighted by founder of British service Cryptopay and expert in the field of venture capital Heorhii Basiladze.

Founder of platform Ambisafe Andrey Zamovskiy will tell about direct business without transaction costs. He will focus on smart contracts as one of the most promising blockchain trends.

СЕО at CoinsBank Ronny Boesing and managing director at Input Output HK Charles Hoskins will discuss the topic of blockchain decentralization. They will tell about next generation technologies based on block chain.
Time for fun!

We will not only get to know a lot of new things, but we will also get some rest: there will be a party after the conference. Czech cuisine and a lot of tasty beer – in the restaurant Kozlovna Lidická. Radlická 1g, 150 00 Prague 5

Organizer of the event – Smile-Expo Company – focuses on the topic of cryptocurrencies. We have created a network of bitcoin and blockchain conferences that embraces four countries: Czechia, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague will take place for the second time.

Join us!
Prague, 19 May.
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