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A pulsating start to the Nutrition Summit India 2016!

The Nutraceauticals market is clearly creating a niche in India. The Nutrition Summit India 2016 organized by Inventicon Business Intelligence, saw some of the best pioneers from the Indian Nutraceuticals Industry and abroad. The event was a conglomeration of various ventures, innovative ideas and endeavouring minds set up on bringing a positive change into the Nutrition market. Read on to know about the happenings of this event.
Nutrition Summit India 2016
The life domain is transforming at a startling pace, with the species smartly or one can say deliberately adjusting to the phenomena of evolution. As always, food and nutrition remains of utmost significance, but the changing trends are always a matter of caution to the living and the coming species. In this case, a lot needs to be discussed. From the current scenario to the actions needed be taken ahead, expertise and efficient analysis in this sector can never lose focus.

To give a green light to the above thesis, on an early morning of 26th April 2016, attendees from all over India and beyond found a common ground to share, analyze and discuss over some important factors dwelling in the Food and Nutrition industries. The Nutrition Summit India 2016 served as a hub for the industry experts and stakeholders opening a door to much required clarity, delightful exchanges and a renewed boost of motivation in their businesses. This grand event was organized by Inventicon Business Intelligence. Selerant, DSM, SIRO, Cole-Parmer, ACG, HADSA, ILA were the partners of the event that had stalls put up outside the Ballroom. Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine was their proud online media partner.
Nutrition Summit India 2016
The day started with the arrivals of all the cheerful and expectant faces, meeting and greeting each other. Registrations went on smoothly along with the sipping of coffee. Soon, after everybody settled on their seats, the organizers welcomed all the attendees later handing over the stage to Sanjaya Mariwala, the Managing Director of OmniActive Health Technologies Ltd. His speech was a mark of a fresh beginning, giving the overviews of the topics concerned for the day and sharing his take on each of them. It was then followed by the keynote address by Ajit Singh, the chairperson of ACG Worldwide and the President of HADSA. Being a person of vast experience his words held great insights. He stated the bright future of Pharma sector and the new technological advancements coming into the market. He concluded on a strong note, emphasising on bringing back the lost Apothecary model. Dr. Villoo Morawala-Patell, the founder and CMD of Avesthagen Limited, animatedly discussed on the topic ‘Bioactives’, giving a brief explanation on deriving its inspiration from the Hollywood movie “Avatar”. Attendees continued to note the important points and specifically attending the sessions that were relatively concerned with their own businesses.
Nutrition Summit India 2016
The Networking session gave rise to new connections and business relations. Exchange of business cards was found everywhere. But, what piqued was the striking stalls set up just outside the Ballroom. The leading partner being the Selerant, Angelo Colombo, the Europe Sales Director, gave a presentation on NDPI strategies and using the right technology.

Topics like ‘Nutri-genetics’ and ‘Biotechnology’ were also discussed ahead. The interest of the audience started increasing as the session progressed on. Relevant and critical issues in the industry were brought to surface, which gave rise to a lot of interesting discussion in a Q&A format. The Research Scientist from Sydney University, Linda Christine Browning gave a detailed report on importance of Vitamin D, with some extremely interesting points. The audience cleared all their doubts after every speaker concluded with their presentations. This brought more clarity on every topic discussed as many different questions got answered.

After the panel session, the lunch break was announced. Attendees enjoyed the feast, with more discussions and networking along with it. There was a renewed energy when the next session began. Dr. Vilas Shirhatti energized everyone with his smart delivery and interesting presentation which covered a wide section of degrading diets of young adults, hinting at some serious problems related to them. Much emphasis was given on increasing awareness of health checkups among individuals, as Diabetes and Obesity are becoming very common health issues in this country.

When Dr. Bhavna Sharma took over the stage, the audience’s attention was drawn to some prevailing matters in the younger generations. She focussed more on the necessity of teamwork in the industry. Finally, Dr. Kalpagam Polasa, the former Scientist and Director of ICMR gave a very insightful presentation on the various health issues faced by the elderly, giving clear cut suggestions and strategies to handle matters at the earliest.
As the day descended, the delegates had a lot to take away, and to get ready for the next day. Stay tuned for the updates of Day 2 of the Nutrition Summit India 2016.

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