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6 Inspiring Ways To Look And Act Smarter Than You Really Are!

First impressions last they say, so make sure to put your best efforts and follow these 6 ways to look and act smarter than you really are. Read ON!
Smart is the New Sexy. In today’s world, looking smart is a way to show people you care about your appearance and how people can perceive you on their first glance. First impressions last they say, so make sure to put your best efforts and follow these 6 ways to look and act smarter than you really are.

1. Wear Glasses

Wearing fitting glasses is a great way to look smarter. As popular culture dictates, wearing glasses makes you look more intelligent. Research shows that people who wear glasses are perceived to be smart. Wearing glasses helps you ace your interviews according to Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin published in 2007. So if you want to look smarter in your presentations or first meetings, make sure to wear glasses.

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2. Maintain Good Eye Contact

Look at people in the eye when talking to them or giving presentations. This shows confidence, makes communications more effective and portray your smart! According to the study conducted by Loyola University, the participants who managed to maintain their eye contact got a higher score on perceived intelligence. The level of confidence that you show off when maintaining eye contact is directly proportional to the perceived level of intellect. Looking people in the eye when speaking makes you look smart and also appear to be respectful.

3. Be Smart To Choose Your Words

Being smart doesn’t necessarily mean you often use those intricate words in your sentences or conversation. You don’t need to show off your incredible wide set of vocabulary. Chances are, you might end up using the words wrong making you look less intelligent. According to a study conducted by Princeton University professor Daniel Oppenheimer, the research found that even though intelligence and having a large vocabulary is interrelated, introducing “needless complexity” into your conversation makes people think you’re less smart. So if you want to appear smarter, focus on communicating simply and effectively.

4. Dress For Success

When you look good, you feel good. This is not rocket science so it’s not a surprise. However, a research performed at the University of Wisconsin in 2008 say that people who dress in a more “preppy fashion” were perceived to be more intelligent. Dressing better makes you appear smarter than showing your skin as it directs people to look at your body than your mind. So when you go out and meet friends or colleagues, choose your wardrobe carefully. Dress in a way that gives you lot of confidence.

5. Be Honest And Show Confidence

When you build your confidence, it masks your weaknesses. Nothing projects intelligence like confidence so when you believe first in yourself it will show. Some studies support the idea that when you believe in yourself it can improve your performance in any tasks. Doubting yourself can impair your performance. An example would be when you feel nervous or self-sabotaging your thoughts that you can’t do it. If you believe you are smart, you also have to be confident that you are.

6. Look Professional

If you work for a company or have a business of your own, you can wear lanyards with company or business names nicely printed in it around your neck hanging in front of your chest with your ID card. Most companies offer custom lanyards to their employees to let other people know what company or business you represent. 
You can also custom-lapel-pins for the company with the company name, employee's job department, and name or the honorary title you received in the company.

Which one of the above did you like the most and why? Let us know in comments below while you can always find more helpful life hacks like these on ViralLifeHacks.Org.

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