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The journey to becoming an EXPERT

Ever wondered how much the word EXPERT can teach you? Here's the depth of this word, the way Amit Punjabi sees it. Read ON!
We are living in a time where we have instant and consistent access to information. While this is one of the greatest things in the world today, we must understand that it also has it own challenges. While we are living in a time where we can know everything about anything, we are also living in a time where people portray themselves as experts of a certain subject simply because they The journey to becoming an EXPERT managed to read enough about it on their smart devices. We are living in a time where a lot of people have started to believe that success will be within their grasp by simply talking the walk instead of actually walking the talk.

This article is about actually knowing who is an EXPERT. It does not matter which industry an individual belongs to, the journey of becoming an EXPert is the same for all and once again, through this article you will know how the answer is actually in the word itself.
Before we get to understand this, it is important for you to know that it is great to have access to information & go through data to gain knowledge but that will not be enough for you to have authority over the subject and become an EXPert in the field or industry. I have had the honour of spending time with & learn from many experts and I realized that the great philosopher Confucius best communicated all their journeys in his famous quote – “I hear & I forget. I see & I remember. I do & I understand.” Listening to information or reading data is never enough to become an EXPert.
A person only becomes and EXPert through EXPerience. It would be great for you to just go ahead and research on the most successful people in the world who indeed are now EXPerts of their respective fields and industries and you will know that it is their EXPerience that got them where they are. It is not what they heard read or saw but what they DID.

So if you are someone who intends to be an EXPert someday, then please do not just depend on information that comes to you through your devices but actually go out and EXPerience. If your question to this is HOW? Then the answer is simple. EXPeriment!

There is no great success in just sharing what you understood from going through data. It only becomes better when you EXPeriment with the data you have. In fact, this stands true for not just data or information but also skills. You get better at anything and everything by only EXPerimenting.

Moving towards the end of the post, I would also like to address the fact that a lot of people would love to EXPeriment and EXPerience but lack the inspiration and motivation to do so. I have realized from my own EXPeriences that reading great success stories have surely helped people but not always motivated them to take action.
The motivation and inspiration to take action only came from actually meeting & getting mentored by EXPerts. In other words, it comes from EXPosure. Which is exactly why every successful individual talks about “getting out of your comfort zone to achieve success.

EXPose yourself to great learning, EXPeriment with your skills & strategies, EXPerience growth & development to actually become an EXPERT!
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Amit Punjabi
A certified NLP trainer, Master Practitioner & Business coach/ Strategist.

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