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Cheap New Ways To Call Ethiopia From Canada

Ethiopians in Canada - Are you frustrated with the high cost of long distance and the unreliability of calling cards? Here's inspiring solution for your problems. Read ON!
Ethiopians living in or visiting Canada face the same problem every time they try to call family and friends back home; long distance rates are simply too high, and finding a payphone or a landline to use a calling card is too inconvenient. Everyone uses cell phones today, and it’s simply easier to make long distance calls with your cell phone. But you need a way to call without paying the exorbitant rates charged by your usual carrier.

If you want to know how to make cheap long distance calls from your cell phone, give up long distance calling cards and start looking into long distance calling plans. Anyone who regularly makes long distance calls to Ethiopia can pay less to call family, friends, and colleagues overseas by using a prepaid service like G3 Telecom. What’s the difference between a prepaid long distance calling plan and a long distance calling card?

Reliable Costs

One of the hardest things about calling Ethiopia from Canada is budgeting for your long distance calling. Phone cards come and go, and even when you find a brand that seems to work, they’re not always available at the store. By going online and signing up for a prepaid long distance calling plan, you know you always get the same rates. You can even look up the rates from wherever you are to wherever you’re calling quickly on your cell phone using the G3 Telecom app. You shouldn’t have to guess what it’s going to cost you to call Ethiopia from Canada when so many reliable alternatives to calling cards are out there. You can find out more information about long distance calling from your cell phone on the G3 Telecom website and with 10 years in business, you know they’re a company you can count on in the future.


Not only is using a prepaid long distance calling plan on your cell phone more convenient, using it instead of a phone card also means you get PIN-less dialling and more of the convenience of a cell phone. Instead of dialling long international calling codes, you can just select your contacts and call them at the low rates offered by your long distance calling service.

Home Phone Bundle

Long distance calling isn’t the only way you can save with an alternative to major carriers; home VoIP services can deliver savings of up to $400 a year with unlimited international calling. Using the same alternative carrier for long distance calling and local calls is a great way to save on phone bills that just seem to get higher and higher every year, and are some of the most expensive in the world.

Free Trial

 One of the most frustrating parts of using phone cards is not knowing what you’re getting into and being surprised by hidden fees. Find a long distance calling service that gives you a one-month free trial before you commit.

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