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Raghavendra Hegdekatte Shares How He Lives The 2 P’s Of Life - Passion And Purpose - To The Fullest

Dreams drive our lives, they keep us going; they help build our lives and are the means to shape our destiny. Life can essentially be discovered only by living, experimenting and building it. Standing as the definition for the same, this young dynamo from Bangalore has managed to successfully make the art of music his identity. Read on!
Raghavendra Hegdekatte Story of Success Each of us have different perceptions about life. These differences place us at distinct heights when mapped against our collective destiny. The universe pays us all that we deserve because ultimately it is the dedication that matters the most. To justify these words I'm glad to bring to you the story of Raghavendra Hegdekatte, which wouldn't just inspire you but would also ignite the heart to follow your passion and explore every upcoming opportunity.

This 22 year old youngster, always bubbling with energy, has been living a life that could lead many aspirants towards following their dreams and fulfilling their aspirations. Each one of us is unique but one similarity which most of us share is that we want to become successful some day in our lives. Each of us have different interpretations of success and this very interpretation makes us grow into special and remarkable achievers.
Defining his success as "happiness beyond worldly aspects and expression", Raghavendra Hegdekatte, a passionate software engineer chooses to listen to his inner voice at every moment of his life and makes it big in terms of attaining recognition in the field of music.

We often crave to achieve what we want to and focus more on proving ourselves only when it becomes a necessity. The same was the situation in Raghavendra’s life as well. “It is the tough times of life which teach us great lessons which brighten our lives further. They serve as a reason for us to not stop walking towards the destination of success” says this young musician.

Raghavendra Hegdekatte Story of Success The curiosity in him right from his childhood is what drove him to explore and make a difference in his life and inspired him to follow his passion. “Music was something which I was always inclined to and this inclination became persistent with time” conveys the chairperson of IEEE, UVCE.
He grew up asking a lot of questions and this quality enabled him to grab opportunities in order to take his life to the next level. His true and ardent desire to relish the taste of art was proven, when he asked for an opportunity all by himself, to step onto the stage just to sing a rhyme when he was still a kid. It is your aspirations which inspire in you the urge that pushes you towards realizing your dreams.

Life is more about bagging experiences than awards! When you make an attempt to exhibit your talent, you will either have a learning experience for life or a winning one; both are meant to be cherished- lesson shall help you better yourself and the victory shall add more confidence to your life. Participating in various renowned shows on television, he could ripen and sharpen his skills when it came to music. His interest in theatre, writing, technology along with composing music makes him a versatile personality. “Art is about being creative. Ideas mature when you don’t hesitate to take time because that’s when your work is said to be promising” says this 'quite a self-aware' person.

As we know, none of us are born champions. We acquire proficiency during the course of our journey. It could be any genre, domain or skill for that matter, the approach to succeed is about practice and that of learning from your mistakes. Fear not when it comes to living your passion. Think and plan for the worst thing that could ever happen and confidence shall take its place automatically.
Raghavendra Hegdekatte Story of Success Fears may not really vanish from our lives; we win over them when we learn how to live with them and get over them eventuallly. “I still remember messing up my first performance at a fest. People made fun of the performance. But was it the end? It was just the beginning in fact, because that’s when I began to rebuild my image as an avid artist” says the winner.

Born and raised in a town called Honnavar in India, Raghavendra, today, is a software engineer at Micro Focus. His mother being his role model and mentor, has taught him how to handle tough times and how to not give up, irrespective of anything and everything that happens in life.

1. Introspecting to understand what is meant for you and exploring as much as possible, are the best possible ways to discover what your purpose of life is.
2. When you get a chance to prove yourself, go ahead and do it without a second thought.
3. The more number of negative thoughts you get, the more the probability of you spoiling the opportunity.
4. Listen to everyone but follow your heart

are 4 of his strongest words of wisdom that make him what he is and could be applied in any of our lives.

Raghavendra Hegdekatte Story of Success Balancing his career in the software industry and his passion for music, he certainly stands as an inspiration to all those who dream of tasting success. Consistent determination, positive attitude and the nature of acceptance are the key ingredients which brought him where he is. However, it's a given that his ability to endure and stay consistent on his principles and path, shall certainly surprise him by letting him welcome greater victories into his life.

A feather in the air flies all around without even having an idea about where it has to reach. It is the direction and the force of the wind which decides the feather’s destiny. Our lives are no different from the feather my dear friends!

Raghavendra is one of those dreamers, doers and achievers who employed his dreams, desires and passion to direct the feather called life. May the extraordinary vocalist who is also an acoustic guitarist continue to mesmerize the audiences by taking them deep into the ocean of music. If you have a message for him drop it in the comments below and he shall reach here to read them.

While we wish him all the success, it's about time we introspect on our lives, desires, dreams and goals, get them right and set them sailing. May Inspiration always be unlimited in your life.
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