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4 Important Reasons Why Legal Counsel is Essential After a DUI Arrest

Have you ever known someone or been under DUI Arrest? You would need this piece of advice to take on better and handle it right with the help of a legal counsel. Read ON!
The evening didn’t start out with you intending to have a little too much to drink. While it would’ve been better to leave your car in the parking lot and take a cab home, you chose to get behind the wheel. Now you are facing a charge of driving under the influence. Seeking legal counsel is the smartest thing you can do right now. If you need any incentive, here are four reasons why you should call a lawyer as quickly as possible.

You Don’t Know All the Laws and Penalties

Legal Counsel is Essential After a DUI Arrest While you do have a broad understanding of laws related to driving while impaired, there is quite a bit that you don't know. What little you do know may or may not be related to your situation. You need the advice of someone who knows all there is to know about those laws, how they are applied, and what sort of penalties you are facing. Without a lawyer by your side, the outcome of your Toronto DUI could be worse that necessary.

You are Not Sure What the Arresting Officer is Supposed to Do

Just as you are a little vague on impaired driving laws and how they relate to your case, understanding what the arresting officer is legally required to do may be outside the scope of your experience. That's not the case with a lawyer. The legal counsel you retain will know what an officer is supposed to do when there is some suspicion that a person is driving under influence, up to and including the procedure for using a breathalyzer test on the spot.

The lawyer will review the police reports along with listening to your side of what took place. If there are any irregularities in the officer’s actions, the lawyer will make sure those are taken into account at the hearing.

You Have Never Been to Court Before

Watching courtroom dramas on television does not make you an expert on procedure and decorum. Simply put, you don’t fully grasp what happens in a courtroom and how things are done. Your lawyer will help you understand what is likely to happen when your case comes up and provide helpful suggestions on how to conduct yourself. Remember that every piece of advice the lawyer gives is designed to help you conduct yourself in a manner that complies with court policies and procedures. On DM Cantor's website, you'll find plenty of procedures and scenarios that experts in the law commonly face.

You Have No Idea How to Prepare a Defence

No matter what circumstances led to the arrest, you have the right to a just defence. While the court will seek to ensure your rights are not violated, it’s in your best interests to have your own lawyer by your side. In the days and weeks prior to the hearing, you and your legal counsel will prepare a defence that is geared to providing the best possible resolution. That can only happen when you have someone in your corner who understands the gravity of the charges and what sort of penalties are required by the rule of law. Once the arrest takes place, you need to secure the services of a DUI lawyer as quickly as possible. Tell all to your legal counsel and listen closely to the advice given. Doing so could make your situation more manageable than you expected.
Been under DUI Arrest or know someone? What's your experience? Was it sorted with legal help or without?

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