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3 Inspiring Reasons Why Shared Workspace is Right For Your Start-Up OR Small Business

Your home business has grown to the point that it’s time to move the operation out of the house. Even so, you are not ready to have a space that is exclusively your own. What works best in this case? The revolutionary solution that has hit us strong this century. Read ON!
Why Shared Workspace is Right For Your Start-Up The solution is to enter into some sort of shared working space with one or more other entrepreneurs. Here are some examples of how such an arrangement would benefit you and everyone else involved.

Splitting the Costs

One of the more important benefits of shared workspace is that each business owner included in the arrangement shares a portion of the overall costs. Instead of having to pay for a receptionist all by yourself, the two or three owners who are sharing space can pay the wages and benefits.
If housekeeping is not included in the rental for the space, the parties can also select a cleaning service and arrange for the space to be professionally cleaned three or four times a week.
The savings to you means you get the benefits of being in a traditional work environment without having to shoulder all the cost alone.

Sharing Resources

How many times have you had to stop what you are doing in order to make a quick trip to a local office supply store? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could borrow what you need from someone who is sharing the space and then replace it after you finish with your work? Co-sharing often means helping each other out with little things like paper, pencils, and other office essentials. That allows all of you to manage time more efficiently.

Providing and Receiving Referrals

As you share the space, it’s only natural that all the business owners would begin to build rapport with one another. That rapport can lead to a situation in which all of you share referrals.

Should you contact a potential client and find out they are also looking for a good or service offered by someone else sharing the office space, it’s easy enough to provide a referral and possibly an introduction. When one of the other entrepreneurs comes across someone who can use what you have to offer, they can do likewise. Everyone ends up winning from this arrangement.

Making More Business Contacts

Just as you have your contacts in the local business community, the people who share your working space have theirs. While you can expect some overlap, there will also be contacts that each of you can share with the other. Those contacts can pave the way for purchasing goods and services at more competitive prices plus help you become more active in business groups that could advance your company.
Whether the encounters take place at local business activities, Agile team rooms that all of you share, or some other setting, sharing contacts has the potential to benefit everyone.  If co-sharing is something that interests you, learn more about the process today. After finding the right arrangement, give it a try for a month or two. It could turn out to be the best thing you could do for yourself and the future of the company.
Do you work out of Co-Working Spaces / Shared Working Spaces? What have your experiences been or what do you base your decisions on?

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