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Gadget Giving: 4 Inspiring Ideas For Your Office’s Secret Santa

If you’ve felt the twin feelings of shame and disappointment when you gave a bad Secret Santa gift, you know you never want to experience them again. Read this set of inspiring ideas to gift RIGHT!
With the holidays creeping ever closer, and you still scratching your head, it’s looking like you’re destined to repeat your past mistakes. Right?


If your officemate is a secret techie or a loud and proud gadget groupie, you’ve got it made. There’s always another device, accessory, or app that yourco-worker is in dire need of owning. Let this list guide you towards just some of the brilliant gadgets waiting for you this holiday. Choose to wrap up any item from this list, and your Secret Santa’s going to profess their undying love Inspiring Ideas For Your Office’s Secret Santa and affection for their newest tech. And you, of course!

An e-reader

In the past, an avid reader would have to lug their tombs wherever they wanted to catch up on a chapter. If they juggled a couple of novels at a time, their backpacks and purses were weighed down by several books. Thankfully, things have changed. With a lightweight e-reader, your co-worker can carry hundreds of books on something that weighs practically nothing and fits in the palm of their hand.

Kindle and Kobo are two brands that dominate the e-reader industry, but they aren’t your only choices. There are a variety of makes and models, varying in size, weight, memory, and power, that you can choose from. Make your life a little easier by using a guide like this one to narrow down your options. The experts at PC Mag compiled a list of the best e-readers available today, so you don’t have to do any more work than you have to.

Color coordinated decals

Inspiring Ideas For Your Office’s Secret Santa There’s a dress-code in effect for the office, but you could take it to the next level by getting them matching uniforms for all their tech. You don’t have to be as obvious about it as Kanye and Kim, who frequently dress in identical outfits, but you can curate a complementary wardrobe for their phone and tablet. You can even include their wearable tech in the mix, making a veritable uniform that proves to everyone they’re on top of things.

Once you see that you have the option of dragon skin, marble, bamboo, and even carbon fiber, you might want to join in and make your devices stand out with a MacBook or iPhone skin of your own. It helps that these accessories are affordable and go a long way to scratch-proofing your tech.

A nostalgic speaker

Inspiring Ideas For Your Office’s Secret Santa Don’t try to deny it. Nostalgia sells. From the latest Stranger Things season that personifies everything we love about the 80s to the most recent albums, like Jay-Z’s 4:44, available on retro vinyl, things that appeal to our past are immensely popular right now. Capitalize on this sense of longing by getting your Secret Santa a SNES Classic Edition.

Nintendo re-booted the original Super Nintendo to huge success. It sold out within minutes when it first hit the digital shelves, and it’s since shipped 1.7 million consoles in the fall. Weighing practically nothing, it fits in the palm of your hand, and it comes with a whole slew of classic games like Star Fox 2 and Legends of Zelda. Though it projects all their favorite games from back in the day, Nintendo’s tweaked the system so it’s easier to hook up on a smart TV.

Wireless earphone straps

Inspiring Ideas For Your Office’s Secret Santa Whether they made the leap to wireless headphones voluntarily or they were forced to use them by upgrading to the iPhone 8, your co-worker is in a constant battle against them. By virtue of being wireless, the earphone will never tangle, but they do cause an entirely different problem. Since they’re so small, it’s incredibly easy to lose them.

If your officemate has already replaced a pair, then you know it’s time to fix the issues with a strap. They act just like that chain that holds your grandma’s glasses around her neck when she isn’t using them. By attaching this cord to the AirPods, your partner won’t accidentally lose them should they pop out of their ear. Sweeten the deal by making them a holiday playlist, and you’ll be sure to impress your Secret Santa. Any one of these gifts is a win-win.
Not only will your co-worker get a present they’ll be happy to receive, but you’ll also avoid feeling like a sham come the big day.Banish bad gifts from your office’s Secret Santa. Let this guide steer you towards gift-worthy tech your co-worker will love.

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