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European Gems To Have On Your 2018 Travel List

When most people think of Europe they think of busy cities, town centres and famous landmarks. It ain't the case to be.
Whilst there is nothing wrong exploring the attractions that entice hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists every year, cobbled streets, low doors and secret coves are just as intriguing to find, visit and explore. Pack your EHIC, robust walking shoes and European Gems To Have On Your 2018 Travel List swimming costume (or shorts!) and get ready to find out the European gems to have on your 2018 travel list.

Konjic – Bosnia & Herzegovina

Home to an array of beautiful bridges, and positioned in an abundance of natural beauty, Konjic is a town not to be missed in Croatia.
In this quaint town you can experience an unforgettable rafting adventure on Neretva River, explore the rich heritage the area has to offer on Old Stone Bridge or fish on the turquoise Jablanica Lake. You can even hike to Hajducka Vrata arch for a dramatic view that stretches as far as the human eye can see.

Carvoeiro – Portugal

This small, charming fishing village located in the south of Portugal is around a 60-minute drive from Faro, the airport of the Algarve. This small place has grown hugely over the past few years, and has developed into a relaxing seaside town – perfect to explore rock pools of Algar Seco by foot or kayak. For those that like to party the night away, Carvoeiro has a lot to offer. From beach nightclubs to Mungo’s Bar or Brady’s Irish Pub there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

European Gems To Have On Your 2018 Travel List Linlithgow – Scotland

Just a mere train ride away from Edinburgh is the pleasant town of Linlithgow, Scotland.
Home to a boundless lakes ideal for boating and a grade palace which if often mistaken for a castle, this picturesque place is made up of winding cobbled streets, colourful hanging plants and traditional archways.
From Beecraigs Country Park home to stunning views and thriving with wildlife to the relaxing Linlithgow Canal trip run by volunteers full of knowledge, all ages can enjoy the hidden gems of Linlithgow.

European Gems To Have On Your 2018 Travel List Port de Soller – Spain

When people think about Majorca, they tend to think about the ever so popular tourist spot of Palma or the vibrant (and drunken) resort of Magaluf, but there is much more than just inexpensive alcoholic beverages to enjoy at the Port De Soller.
For a little village, Soller is very interesting. The well maintained narrow streets are the perfect place to explore, thriving with exquisite tapas bars, a selection of pastry shops and a magnificent church stood proudly in the centre.

Caen – France

Getting lost in a new city doesn’t have to involve walking at a snail’s pace behind hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists willing to explore just like you. However, this city feels like a small European town when you are stood in the castle or exploring both the in use and neglected churches. Better yet, Caen is an easy day trip away from the bustling city of Paris, or just a short ferry ride from the UK. With plenty of treats on offer, from French crêpes to beignets and almond croissants, is France ever a bad idea?

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