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Be Unlimited This Diwali

Inspiring lines of poetry by Dr Trilok Kumar Jain. In the direct words of Dr Trilok Kumar Jain, who is currently the director for ecosystem for innovations and entrepreneurship at Suresh Gyan Vihar University.
Morons will gamble
Spread true happiness this Diwali
Dr Trilok Kumar Jain Poetry
Inspire children for a cause
Bring great dreams this Diwali

Be the kindle yourself
Why to search light outside

Say no to pollution
Ignite some Diya this Diwali

Enough yes men around
Speak out the truth for first time

Old are the days of fire-works
Burn your ego this Diwali

Enough flowers around
Throw some darts to spark minds

Cold coffee is not enough
Pass through fire to ignite life

Smooth lanes are useless
Walk down rocks to create a path

Create some foes for life
There should be some to criticize

Touch some thorns
Let there be some blood to wipe

Why do you live life
Let there be some trials of life

Happiness is not enough
Do stir some fire to smile

Stop being ordinary
Inspire for impossibles this Diwali
Dr Trilok Kumar Jain Poetry
Fools will fire crackers
You enlighten lives this Diwali

Idiots will throw around garbage
Spread Swachh Bharat this Diwali

They will waste vacations
Create a good deed this Diwali

Bring Smiles
Create heavens this Diwali

Why to be limited
Be inspiration unlimited this Diwali

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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