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Being FEARLESS to Manifest life

River Ganga is a 2,525 km in length which rises in the western Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, and flows south and east through the Gangetic Plain of India and Bangladesh, eventually reaching its destination sea, the Bay of Bengal. While its flowing down the hill, river Ganga never thinks that its falling down nor it thinks of any obstacles that it would come across. River Ganga, just have the destination on mind to reach. On the way, flow can be rough overcoming a hilly, rocky area where it would come across big boulders, loose gravels, minerals and soil. If Ganga come across, big standing strong boulders then river just changes its course to reach the destination. Or if there are few loose gravels or soil along with minerals, these will be just swept along its way. When the River Ganga enters Northern plains, its flow will be calmer than earlier. During monsoons, it can experience a cloud burst to eventually can cause floods causing harm to many on the way. Just imagine that if River Ganga has FEARS like we all do, what would have happen to millions who live along its course. It is a lifeline to millions. During some period of the year, the cause of River Ganga can be an off coursed due to floods. But still it will remain as the lifeline to millions as that's the nature of River Ganga.

Fear is a series of thoughts that enables us to predict something that is not easy to face in future. Please note this is fear is all about future and it's your prediction. Has it already happen? Isn't these are JUST thoughts that's stopping or blocking you to move ahead?

Let me explain with an example: As per World's number one fear is Public Speaking. There are many people who can be a better leader if they can be a better speaker. I used to belong to this category before. I love expressing my ideas and thoughts in a group of people, but I always feared thinking that, "Do I have sufficient knowledge? What if someone ask me a question which I don't how know to respond? What if I could not completely put forth my understanding? What if people laugh at my idea? What if people get bored and ignore me? What if people don't understand my expression? There are several people of same idea that I have, why should I express? Should I take this burden of expression?" etc. If you observe these are set of questions that were provoking me to step back, even, without answering these questions. I was dreadful to even answer these questions. I had already put myself in a place that I was NOT capable of facing people in public, so let me stay away!

Many of our such decision have led us to a place where we get stuck between what we are internally and how we block ourselves externally. With my experience this causes a lot of imbalance and repercussion within us and in our life areas. This has caused stress many a times as I used feel undervalued. Undervalue is something that will prevail inside you creating a feeling of not belonged and hence many areas in life gets affects.

FEAR can create HUGE IMPACT. If you overcome FEAR then it's a guardian angel and aids you up to live a better version of you. If not it's just a BLOCKER in your life. None can help in overcoming fears within you. This article will support you and enables you to overcome your fear. But it's up to you to take action and come over it. If you are ignorant towards FEAR and do not take charge then it just builds to take control of your life.

To my understanding, usually a FEAR is a larger feeling (series of thoughts or questions) and can be consolidated into two aspects. One is Physical aspect and other is Psychological. Physical fears one can be owned by us to take action whereas Psychological aspect cannot.

Fearless manifestation of life Physical aspect of a Fear is set of thoughts/questions that drives you to take action. These thoughts can occur because we might our-self be aware that we are ignorant or not well prepared for the situation. These are mostly dependent on us. These require us to make a plan to take an action. Planning and improving your knowledge about the situation will help you to overcome the prediction of the worst. For example: Fear of Public Speaking. Get more information on the topic you are delivering, record and see how you deliver each aspect of the content. Making a script and working tonality practicing several times one will be excellent in delivering the speech. This is possible only if a solution to the question within your requires your action then consider that it is owned by you. Once you own it, write down a solution to plan and overcome it. That is "Do I have sufficient knowledge?" can be addressed by making sure that research on the topic to be enhanced and thus improve the knowledge. PREPARE TO OVERCOME THIS ASPECT OF FEAR.

Some of the above questions are directing to others that is something cannot owned me. "What if people are not paying attention? Or How will they react?", this is totally uncertain and cannot be owned unless there is enough preparation. These are not in your hands and these cannot be prepared for each one's attention 100%. These can be ONLY be experienced to make yourself better to be prepared. As you get experienced, you may think if I am choosing the right set of people as my audience? Or what things I should do to have the audience attention? With experience Psychologically and emotionally we get better on facing it and being vulnerable. These are not Physical aspects and hence Psychological aspect of Fear. The Psychological aspect of Fear has to be faced and experienced to become resilient. FACE IT OVERCOME THIS ASPECT OF FEAR.

To reduce stress due to fear, one can practice two things. Being mindful and writing gratitude journal. Mindfulness can be practiced by being aware of the content that we talk as we meet people on a day-today basis. Fear and Gratitude cannot reside in one person at one moment in time. Practicing to be grateful, fear of uncertainty will be drastically reduced. Thus gradualy we can reduce the Psychological aspect of any type of Fear in our life.

Whenever you feel fearful, make sure of taking the following action in steps:

  1. Sit down and observe your own thoughts.
  2. Jot them all irespective they are questions/statements
  3. Identify all the points that can be owned by you to take the action.
  4. Disect each point to make your list of TODOs against these physical aspects.
  5. Plan and take action of all the TODOs listed.
  6. Remaining are all Psychological, see if you can own it in anyway.
  7. If not it's all about YOU REACHING your destination. Once you are good with points 1 to 5 above, decide to PLUNGE and MOVE ON with an experience.
  8. Be mindful of what you are doing in day -today life.
  9. Practice simple meditation techniques.
  10. Maintain gratitude journal.
  11. Practice above nine steps everyday, every time to make it lifestyle.
Your strengths within is your POWER which sometime comes with FEAR as complementary. Do you want to loose the value of your strength due to complementary fear? Remember, fear is always a set of thoughts that is like a guiding angel for you to be a better version of you. Face it by making an understanding with it. Being prepared and knowledgeable is always adding value to one's life. 
You are the creator of your life. Be the creator by just being fearless and being YOU!

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