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Sujit Lalwani Shares His Wisdom and Knowledge About Living The “Simplified Life” On The Motivation Zone Podcast With Cheri Schultz

How can we all live a simplified life? Sujit speaks about living your life with purpose. He explains you need to focus on what is important to you. Whether it’s your career, a new business venture or selecting a college major. Sujit emphasizes if you stay committed, be persistent and committed it will guide you in the pursuit to reach the finish line.
Motivation Zone Podcast

Ultimately when you stay focused on what is important to you, you feel motivated and fulfilled!

Sujit’s Accomplishments:

Sujit is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, International Inspirational Speaker, and Author. He is the Founder, CEO and Editor-in-chief of “Inspiration Unlimited e-magazine” - a global inspirational media with over a million monthly readers.

Sujit was awarded the "Connecting The World" Award at 1LifeFullyLived Conference organized in November 2015 in Sacramento, California. He was a Speaker at One Young World Conference 2012 in Pittsburgh and has been a returning Ambassador for One Young World for the last 8 years.

Sujit’s Passion:

Is to empower the youth globally and to have excellence in everything they pursue. He wants to encourage them to have strong leadership skills by engaging in activities that directly impact the society around them. He also believes in volunteering and providing a “Deed a Day” by giving back without receiving anything in return.

A Father’s Influence:

Sujit acknowledges his father’s strong influence on his life and decision making. His strong, charismatic personality help shape the person he has become today. Even though his family had very humble beginnings, his father never let them know that they were lacking in any way. He always exuded confidence that they were abundantly blessed in every area of their life.

Those qualities which were communicated to Sujit, motivated and inspired him to remain focused, stay positive in his quest to achieve his goals. His dad’s influence was a daily reminder to keep an attitude of gratitude no matter what obstacle or difficulty crosses your path.

Motivation Zone Podcast

Creating “Inspiration Unlimited”:

Sujit and his brother were inspired to create an online eMagazine based upon the negativity the media and newspapers were exploiting each day. They wanted this online media website to only host positive, inspirational stories. This one brainstorming session, between brothers, influenced by one thought, one dream, created a huge vision where “Inspiration Unlimited” {} was founded. This eMagazine is now being visited by over one million people every month.

A Deed a Day:

A “Deed a Day’ was a dream Sujit envisioned approximately 10 years ago. His dream was to create a social media marketing platform where individuals could share their good deeds.

Sujit understood the strength of numbers. The more you share, the more it grows and the more it grows, the more feedback you get, and the more feedback you get will only encourage you and others to do more good deeds.

Yes, it can be very challenging to perform a good deed every day but Sujit says “Take it as a destination”. Work towards it, pursue it. However, if you only do one good deed a week, you are still adding value to this world and making it a better place to live.

It is amazing when you exhibit an act of kindness it shifts your emotions, creates a feeling of gratitude and ultimately makes your heart shine.

Sujit’s Positive Takeaway:

As we concluded our interview, I asked Sujit to give my audience one positive takeaway; He went on to say we all need to move from being “Human Beings” to “Human Doings”. In fact, what he was trying to point out, is if we all collectively begin Doing instead of just Being the world would be a better place to live.

Make The Shift:

We all have to make a conscious effort to celebrate our life and all its accomplishments. Yes, we will all have struggles and obstacles as we go through the journey of life. However, when we make the shift, stay inspired and committed and believe we can achieve, then our destination will have no boundaries.

Your words have power, but you must put action behinds those powerful expressions. Taking action on a daily basis will only foster your growth where you will develop new habits and build momentum. Always keep in mind, an object in motion stays in motion.

Everyone reading this article has the power to transform their story. It may be a little scary and bring some discomfort. However, it’s necessary to feel a little uncomfortable in order to reach new goals, explore new talents, open our minds to new ideas, and new opportunities.

“The goal in front of you is never greater than the power you have from within”

~Cheri Schultz

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