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Football Safety Equipment List You Need to Know

Being a physical confrontational game, a football player requires proper safety equipment before appearing on the field. Here's a piece that gives you a quick list to keep in mind. Read ON! 
Football Safety Equipments

Sometimes, physical contacts while tackling and impacts are so severe that you can fall on the ground. More importantly, you have to protect your head and shoulder from high impact so that you can keep playing.

Otherwise, due to a severe injury, you may have to leave the football field for several months. Even your career as a football player can greatly be hampered if you are not protected well. So, if you want to show excellent performance in the field, your skills are not enough. Along with your football skills, you also have to take the field wearing proper football safety equipment. You have to have the best football gear. You can read this before buying any equipment.

Your football safety gear must meet the requirements to be the best from the crowd. A real football player knows how to protect himself from the high impacts of other players wearing proper football gear. For instance, as football safety equipment, you can enlist helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, football pants and girdles, facemask, visor, knee pads, football cleats, etc.

Whether you perform better or not depends on your sharpness, strength, skills, and the like. Plus, you have to wear the necessary safety equipment if you want to play unreservedly. Being adequately prepared wearing football protective equipment, you can play confidently. But make sure you have worn the best gear that will accelerate your performance.

Well. Let me depict a picture of the football safety equipment list before you so that you don’t miss anything. And, then I will describe them one by one concisely for your better understand. The following things can make a complete list of football protective gear you should know as a football player. It is mandatory to see whether you are a regular or irregular player.

Here they are:

=> Accessories

=> Balls

=> Cleats

=> Flags

=> Flak jackets

=> Gloves

=> Helmet radios

=> Helmet visors

=> Helmets

=> Hip pads

=> Jerseys

=> Jockstraps

=> K balls

=> Knee pads

=> Mouthguards

=> Neck rolls

=> Nose guards

=> Pads

=> Pants

=> Shoulder pads

=> Tees and holders

=> Thigh pads

=> Throwback jerseys

=> Training equipment

=> Uniforms

=> Watches

=> Whistles

Football Safety Equipments

These are the list of football safety gear you should know and have to have. Among them, some are must-have equipment you must wear before you start playing the game. They are helmet and facemask, pants, shoulder pads, thigh pads, knee pads, socks, and cleats. This equipment helps you perform better and save you from any unwanted injuries.

At the moment of tackling a high-intensity impact of your opponent, hard fall can lead you to severe injury in your brain. It may result in dangerous ailing of you, and you may have to keep away from the game. But, a helmet with facemask and visor can help you to protect from injuries of your brain.

And you should not take the field without wearing your gear so that you can keep pace with other players on the ground. Some players overlook the necessity of football equipment add-ons, including a visor, facemask, hand warmer, towel, etc. But don’t forget that any injury is subject to take into consideration.

Now it is time to describe the significant equipment of football, so you never overlook the necessity of them. Among the equipment of football, some are essential while others do not have many things to tell about them. In this article, I will wholly but briefly describe the safety equipment.

Football helmet to protect your head

A football helmet should be one of the most important of all pieces of equipment a football player needs. Besides, head injury or brain injury is considered to be the worst type of damages for a player. When a player comes in close contact with other players on the field, his head needs to keep safe from the high impact of other players.

Shoulder pads

Shoulder pads are a great way to protect your shoulder from other players’ contact. Depending on your position on the field, you may need lighter or heavier pads with soft padding. Quarterbacks tend to have lighter shoulder pads. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to throw.

Conversely, other positions on the field need little to no shoulder pads. For instance, kickers and punters need almost no shoulder pads for them. Their position on the field does not require shoulder pads. But they can still use shoulder pads. These positions are considered to be no-contact zone on the football field while playing the game.


For better traction on the field, a football player needs cleats. Cleats are shoes you need to protect yourself from sliding on the field. When you start playing, you have to make a proper balance of your body. If you wear shoes without spikes under them, you will find great difficulties maintaining your balance on the field. Cleats also improve your performance while playing with others.

Mouth Guards

None want to damage their teeth anyway. Being a physical contact game, a player requires mouth guards to protect his teeth and mouth. At the time of tackling, you come very closure to other players resulting in significant physical contact.

Mouthguards also help a player to reduce the risk of sudden concussions. Thus mouth guards save players from damaging their teeth and mouth.

Other pads

As a football player, you should also consider other pads for different body parts, especially for your knees, chest, elbows, legs, etc. These body parts also demand safety for the purpose of your performance. You also need nose pads because your nose also exposes to the impacts of your opponents.

Final Verdict
If you want to develop your career as a football player, you should wear football safety equipment. This is a complete safety equipment list I have mentioned above for you. Knowing them properly and wearing them before appearing on the field will help you play better safely. Keeping safe on the field is essential for a player to show his best performance.

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