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Revolution Slider Vs Layer Slider for WordPress

Slider Plugins

Slider Revolution vs. Layer Slider for WordPress is a recurring quandary. Developers often get stumbled on the comparative suitability of these two plugins.

Selecting an attractive and easy-to-use slider plugin for WordPress isn’t a simple task. However, two slider plugins surface up mostly in this discussion. Those two are the Slider Revolution and Layer Slider. Both of them are premium plugins and are worth using but both of them are not available in the free version.

Before deciding one of these two sliders let’s compare then with each other.


Slider Revolution is a popular slider plugin available as a WordPress plugin, jQuery plugin, Shopify, and as a Concrete5 add-on. Due to the huge range of features and user-friendliness, Slider Revolution is perfectly functional for WordPress.

Both are perfectly functional and both of them allow the drag and drop editor facility of the file, but Layer Slider does not offer the facility of naming the specifically created sliders.

Like revolution slider in Shopify, the slider plugin for WordPress has four slider creating options: these are all Sliders, skin editor, transition builder, and custom styles editor.

Facility of Customization

Revolution slider vs. Layerslider for WordPress is difficult to select for the facility of customization. There are multiple conveniences for using both the slider plugins.

Both the plugins are responsive in terms of theme presser, visual editor, responsive design, live preview, thumbnail profession, video slides, dynamic slides, customizable skins, SEO friendly, loops feature, fixed image management, etc. for WordPress that developers have found useful and easy to implement.

Image sourcing

Image sourcing is one of the critical areas where you can compare these two popular slider plugins. The best part of Revolution slider vs. Layerslider for WordPress is their versatility. But there is a point to consider.

Even if many of the features compared above overlap between the two competing products there is one very important difference: Slider Revolution, as well as LayerSlider both, provide a unique interface from which you will create powerful image slideshows that slide through multiple pictures.

Since it is hard to rate the quality of such an interface objectively I recommend that you try both products yourself before deciding for one.

Slider Plugins

Slider Revolution vs. LayerSlider social streaming

In terms of social streaming, the Slide revolution plug will offer you better advantages if used in your WordPress site. With slider Revolution, you can stream with Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and Word Press Posts, but with LayerSlider you will get to stream with WordPress posts only.

However, the demo version may work for you to check but the demo version for these two slide plug-ins is hardly available. Slider Revolution and Layer Slider include countless animation and transition effects, advanced user interfaces that support multiple timelines and layers for each of the slides.

If WordPress is your platform, then Slider Revolution and LayerSlider plugins are equally effective and creative. However, it is always wise to use them with trial version if available for the final selection. However, LayerSlider use is comparatively free of trouble and developers can use it without much knowledge of coding. Slider revolution includes 200+ templates in its online library and can be easily customized, and is also available on Shopify.
If you're new to web design or coding and want to get a hang of it, but haven't found the best start to learning it, here's an online course much loved globally, on html and css, on udemy by Shruti Balasa. Once you have the hang of the languages you can get working with these sliders very easily.

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