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Hi, I am Your Mind and I have an Important Message for You

Ana Sorina Corneanu brings a valuable perspective on how much our mind plays a role sub consciously in every day life and how we can tap into the maximum potential it can offer for a better living. Read ON!

You might not know me, but I know a lot about you. I work even when you do everything you can to send me in the shadow; even when you are unaware of what to do; or why you do what you do. I work even when you don't. I know you; I count and manage every emotion, every thought, and choice of yours. I know what to do, I know why, but you don't. When you are unaware of the reason, it's when I act even stronger. When things don't turn out the way you wanted them to, you can blame a lot of outside factors; but you never get in touch with the reality that governs your failures, fears, or emotions. That's me!

Hello! I am your subconscious, a part of the mind that operates beyond your level of awareness. I control at least 70% (up to 95%) of your life. I'm the product of your most uncultivated habits and the cause of your unexplained unhappiness. I think with emotions, not with logical arguments; I make decisions for you and lead you to my liking. I work like a microprocessor, and I'm awake all the time. The decisions I make are the source of your fears, of your failed relationships, of all your other failures and procrastination. I am the reason why sometimes you cannot find logical explanations to what happened; I profit from your disinterest in knowing yourself better, accepting your past, and your inner self - at the deepest level. It is my fault entirely- when you make mistakes, when you do not reconcile with yourself, when you fight, when you are indecisive, and you have no idea what the next step should be. It's actually my fault - when you lose and then blame others.

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I recognize you; I have a passion for the leadership of mind; I work well with strangers and define your life, as I think that is to my advantage. Don't ask me why am I doing this? I'll answer you anyway. I do it because I can. I do it because you are avoiding meeting and becoming friends with me. If you were trying to find me out, surface me, control me, and take over my tasks - you would do better. Everything would start to work; your plans would go smoothly, and your emotions might be explicit. But you have to work with me, heal me from narcissism, take me out into the world, and take the courage to lead me.

As soon as we start working together and become friends - you will get to know yourself better; accept the things you have burdened me with. You will no longer be overwhelmed by confusion and take the next step towards achieving your dreams. You will understand everything you have failed to have understood thus far; you will have full control over your successes and failures, you will receive explanations and answers for all your questions and concerns so far. You will be the winner and the ruler of your own life. No one will act in your place; no one will dictate what to do. You will be fully responsible for all your actions. You will operate consciously and have 30% more control over your life than what I had. I mean that you will have 100% control over your life. There would be endless possibilities to try, to succeed, to experience new things, to know yourself, to change and improve yourself, to be happy, to find new ways to bring yourself even closer to a kind of life you want to live, your dream, peace, inner voice.

To be someone you wanted to be, without external or unconscious control every day. You will have 100% control over your life. What would you be doing with it? Will you say that you do not know how to proceed, that you have no explanation? Or will you take the first step toward dealing with narcissism and taking over?

When you have 100% control over your life, what would you do? Will you destroy the barriers? Will you tell me "good morning" every day, or will you tell me good night today, and we will part ways with a friendly and a nice gesture - which we will translate by self-knowledge and healing?

I am your subconscious. I can control everything, but I would love as much as you, to rest and take a cleansing bath. I am 95% of your mind, but infinitely less than what you are as a human being. I'm just your subconscious. You are more than that. 100% more.

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Ana Sorina Corneanu
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