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Simple Ways To Be Creative

Ana Sorina Corneanu from Romania shares her deepest experiences in inspiring you to feel and be ever creative now and forever. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo

We are living in the age of connectivity and we have constant access to a limitless digital world. But, let’s face it, technology has its less good parts: boredom, for example.

Boredom comes to tell us it’s time to quit the patterns and start living our very own and be creative. If you’ve been doing the same things for as long as you can remember, you’re most likely in a creative rut – and it’s time for a change.

Let’s look a few simple and within reach ways to bring creativity back into your life!

Embrace your inner child

As children, we possesed a natural instinct to be creative. The problem is that this ability gets suppressed each time we seek to conform. Free yourself of judgements and let your mind discover more and more. Do the things you would do when you were a child. One notable thing is that - Children never get bored – that’s because they are feeling creative most of the time. Boredom starts when you stop being creative.

Write ten ideas a day

Writing, especially handwriting[Not typing on a laptop or a digital device] , unlocks creativity. There is no such thing as non-creative people, there are only people who refuse to be. Start writing 10 ideas daily. Don’t think too much about what kind of ideas, how good they are, in what direction they are leading or how useful they are. Nothing can be so wrong after all that it is not worth nothing down. Just... write! You will see how ideas multiply and creativity becomes a routine. A truly healthy routine. Creativity requires passion and commitment and then it returns the favor.

The ability to generate ideas is not exclusively a function of the mind, but also a behavioral routine. Here are few steps that should help you.

Associating: draw connections between questions & answers[problems and solutions].

Questioning: ask yourself questions and find as many answer for the same question as you can, day after day.

Networking: connect with people with different ideas and debate on otherwise simple problems – finding the extraordinary in simplicity. This time will never be a wasted investment for either. 

Experimenting: Nothing is wrong. Do things differently. Creativity is not just about doing new things, but finding new ways of doing old ones.

Connect with people

If you surround yourself with creative people, it’s even better than going out all alone. Creativity is overwhelming and, although artists prefer to work alone, quietly, if you are in a creative impasse, loneliness won't help you much. Start by debating and surrounding with people. Group games are excellent.

Try something new

Here’s a great exercise for your brain. Learn something you think you’re too old to learn, too incapable of or something you find difficult or unpleasant. Yes. Even if you do not like what you are learning or are not particularly interested, it will help you unlock your creativity. Once unlocked, you can start doing the things that interest you. Start thinking out of the box and leave behind the comfort zone.


No matter where you go, the images, sounds, smells and experiences accumulated there provoke your imagination and automatically generate new ideas and perspectives. All you have to do is let go everything holds you from past or worries you about future, and enjoy the journey. It's called mindfulness.

Look outside your industry

We exist on this earth to exercise our capacity as creator. Learn what others can teach, discover, be curious, ask questions! Kill the routine and unlock creativity!

Change environment - When in doubt, choose change! If you constantly feel uninspired and blocked, maybe you’re not in the right place. Changing environment might be the spark you need to generate great ideas and enjoy creativity. Although routine can be good in personal productivity, it isn’t always healthy.

Sing, dance, sport, enjoy nature, try handmade art or simply listen to good music. Free yourself from prejudices and think more about who you are, what your purpose is, what do you love, what do you feel about everything that there is. You don't have to be an artist to be creative, always remember that. You just have to play and enjoy playing. Be yourself with no constraints and rules. That’s creativity.

Creativity means seeing the world differently every day and believing you can change it the way you like.


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Ana Sorina Corneanu
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