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When life starts from you, you never know what you will do in future. You are never familiar of anything and you always wish to do what you really want to do.
You know why! because you are a kid that time. You always do what you really feel is boundless, when you don't care about the people that what they will think when you will do something.
Life is just a race, not with others but with one's own self.
When you are a kid, you never know what to do or what not to do but when you steadily grow up, you start realising what is better for you and what is not.
Life is not just only yours but it is also for every person who belongs to you, who is with you.
The journey of life will never stop because physical presence is not just a thing for rememberance but a soul is all you need for freshness.
The day you realise that you are done with everything is the day when you need to learn as a beginner because when you really feel that you have learnt everything is the time when in reality you have realised something which is not worthy for you because you never know everything, some things are left and they are worthy to be left because those things are there for your better future. Never stop learning because when you stop learning, you stop growing.
You are your own betterment, your own future and if you only want happiness, you can't be strong and if you want to be strong, you need to take care of your own self each time you feel compared, low or isolated.
If you feel low, share something. If you don't have someone to share your thoughts, share with the person in front of the mirror. Life completely revolves around you. It is all what you are perceiving, what you are learning!
Never criticise your inner self as your own soul is the complete reflection for your present. ??
You are love always, remember that!
Many phases in your life will make you cry, many phases will make you smile, but the most important time of your life will be when you start realising that you are improving.
Many, not many, each and every person makes mistakes, some intentionally and some unintentionally. It is only and only your decision if you really wish to work hard in your life, if you really wish to be an improved person, if you really wish for your own soul to be happy. If you will make mistakes intentionally, you will never improve although you will get something yet that will always be temporary and if you will completely try to be someone who can really do something better in future, you will always be remembered forever.
Yes, people who are really kind, try to be helpful, do not get love or are compared but in reality that is never the end of the story what they really get is what they don't get because that is just a temporary time or a moment for them, what they will receive later will be permanent because not every person will take care or consider their story!
Every person needs some time for understanding the other person, for improving his own self.
If you are only taking care of your own life and not considering or not realising about the care, the affection of your loved ones, you are really not taking care of your own self because if you want to love yourself, you need to love others too, you need to stop comparing others, you need to be with them and make a comfortable and a sweet relationship with them.
If you will always start expecting from others, you will never grow and you will always feel lonely and if you stop expecting and rather focusing on your betterment, caring for the people around you, you will surely get love, receive peace and smiles. :)
Life will always teach you somehow, but what you perceive matters the most. You need to grow and have to make yourself strong rather than making excuses or spreading negativity.
If you will create positivity, you will feel positivity and if you will feel positivity, you will create a comfortable and a peaceful atmosphere around you.
Remember, the world needs you, the people need you, if you will stop criticising yourself, start exploring than comparing yourself with anyone, you will surely be in a better life.
Always take some time for relaxation, for your own self so that you can really take care for the people who really need you.
Never break anyone's heart because you never know who is praying for you and taking care of the blessings for you.
Love yourself, love your soul and be with your loved ones. ♥?

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Tanya Sharma
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