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Industries for which the chatbots from Collect.chat are useful

Collect Chat According to a study by Gartner, Virtual customer assistants like a chatbot help organizations reduce call, chat, and email enquiries by as high as 70%. MIT Technology Review states that 90% of the businesses report large improvements in the speed of complaint resolution using chatbots.

IBM says that if you are a customer service-intensive company, using a chatbot can help you reduce the service costs of addressing customer requests by 30%.

The world has shifted towards digitization. People today prefer to chat versus talking on a call; connect on social media versus connecting through a call or an email. With this shift, if you haven’t adapted to the change and adopted a chatbot for your business, you might be losing a lot.

But if you are ready to get a chatbot for your business, you will not have to make a high investment to get that done. You can create one yourself in a few minutes without coding knowledge. Here is how:

What is Collect.chat?

Collect.chat is a chatbot creation platform that enables you to create a customized chatbot for your business within a few minutes without the requirement of any knowledge of coding. It provides you with customizable templates for any requirement of your business, you can add the desired questions you would like to ask your customer or the type of data Collect Chat you would like to collect from them, and the chatbot is ready to use. One of the differentiating characteristics of chatbots through Collect.chat is that you get the link of a chatbot that you could share it anywhere apart from embedding it on your website or email marketing campaigns.

More than 10,000+ companies including companies like Airbnb, Canada Startups, Techstars, Bank of Bhutan have used the chatbots of collect.chat.

Wondering if it is useful for you? If you belong to any of the below-mentioned industries, this is certainly for you!

Industries for which Chatbots from Collect.chat would be useful:


If you are a Services business, you handle several enquiries, coordinate timings of availability, answer customer queries, and coordinate with employees to fulfill the service requests and much more daily. Having a chatbot for your business automates the majority of repetitive tasks that consume your time, and improve the efficiency of your business. The below-mentioned templates are available from collect.chat to grow your business:

Webinar Registration:
You have a webinar coming up? You can use this template to create a chatbot to have a conversation with your potential participants, instead of traditional forms. This conversational approach would provide a pleasant experience to your participants and would help in getting more registrations.

Collect Chat Legal Services:
Not many Legal Services companies might not be open to consider customer engagement and thus lose many clients. A chatbot for your business would differentiate you from others and help you get more clients.

Outsource Services:
Get the information on the requirement from visitors for which they are looking to hire you through the chatbot.

Coworking Space:
If you own a coworking space, repetitive questions along with the enquiries include knowing the facilities you provide. You can automate this using a chatbot.

Packing Service:
Collect the data of customers and their requirements using a chatbot.

As a freelancer, you need to be available to close more sales. Not anymore! Create a chatbot with the details of your profile for every visitor.

Spareparts Provider:
Get your visitors to mention their requirement and their details through a Chatbot so that you can fulfill the requirement.

Digital Marketer:

Get equipped with a chatbot for your digital marketing business and convert more clients.

Recruitment Agency:
Gather as much information as possible about the job applicants through a chatbot to place them for the right job.

Collect Chat Education:

If you own an Educational Institution or education-related services, then a chatbot is a must-have for your business.

Education Consultancy:
If you are an Educational consultancy, you might be getting a lot of repetitive enquiries on the different types of courses, ways of preparation, etc. Use a chatbot, feed in all of this information, and watch it perform.

Career Guidance:
Career is one of the most confusing choices in Life for many, a chatbot can help you handle more queries, collect their needs and data.

Language School: Communication Skills development is a high-demand requirement, install a chatbot, and see your sales soaring.

Secondary School: Free your staff from answering repetitive queries from prospective students by installing a chatbot.


If you are into Financing or Finance-related services like insurance or mortgage, repetitive queries concerning enquiry for application, relating to interest rates and calculations are a given. To save time, you can use a chatbot.

Merchant Service:
If you are into Merchant service, it would be important for you to simplify the process of collecting their information the very first time they visit your website.

Insurance Assistant:
The customers visiting your website might have many questions; a chatbot could answer their queries and get their details and requirements.

Mortgage Survey:
Getting a potential customer to fill up the mortgage application form can be a tough task. You can assign this to a chatbot.

Collect Chat Real Estate:

If you are into Real Estate, lead generation and management are tough tasks. The customers might need your assistance in decision-making. A chatbot can help you collect their details and their queries/requirements so that you can get in touch with them directly to resolve their query.

Health & Beauty:

If you are into the health & beauty sector, generating leads, handling enquiries, and booking appointments consume most of the day. With Chabot, you can delegate these responsibilities and monitor the progress. You can set the availability of yourself or others into the chatbots. Chatbots will have a conversation with your clients, book an appointment, and add it to your calendar. If you run any of the below, the chatbot is for you:

Multispeciality Clinic:
You can enable the patients to book their appointment with respective doctors without your involvement through the chatbot.

Yoga Class:
The potential joiners would want to know more about your yoga class. It would be difficult for you to make yourself available every time. The chatbot will do the work for you.

TeleHealth Service:
TeleHealth services can be beneficial for both you and your client if they get convinced. You can leave this job to a chatbot.

Customers come to your website looking for something or to explore. Communicating with them at that moment would help in higher conversions. Your chatbot will be at your service.

Fitness Centre:
You run a Fitness Centre? Don’t let your website visitors leave. Use a chatbot to understand their requirement and schedule a call with a trainer from your company.

Collect Chat Event Planning:

Events are of various types: From a get together to large events involving thousands of people. You could be an event planner or exclusively a wedding planner. Add all your details to a chatbot and get it to work for you. Don’t miss even a single customer because of unavailability. Let a chatbot do the work of scheduling a call with you or converting the clients so that you can focus on what you do best, delivery of the service.

IT & Software:

Mobile Application:
You have an app and you want to drive visitors of the website to the play store where you have hosted the app, you can do so through a chatbot.

App Showcase: You want to showcase your app to the world and explain to them what it does, let your chatbot do the talking. It will engage every visitor of your website and share with them what your app does, in a conversational way.

Travel & Transport:

Travel is top in the list of dreams of millions of people. Though the ongoing pandemic has put a pause on the travel plans of people, It would resume soon. And, when it does, people will pack their bags and leave for a vacation like a swarm of flies. As a travel company, the last thing you would want is to be missing on customers because you are not able to cater to their enquiry due to your busy schedule. More enquiries catered to would bring in more customers and more profit as a result. What are the ways in which a chatbot is useful for you?

  • Travel Booking
  • Hotel Feedback
  • Logistics Feedback
Collect Chat Food & Restaurant:

If you run a restaurant, attending to the requirements of interested customers is pivotal. With a chatbot, you will not have to hire an additional resource to manage the activities like table-booking for the customers. The chatbot will do it for you. A chatbot can also perform other activities including collecting feedback from customers or taking in online orders for your restaurant. Feed your menu into the chatbot and let customers place the order from where they are, while you serve the order at their doorstep.


The events season is coming up and you are into photography or video production. There would be several customers who might want to get in touch with you. You can enable them to connect to you by adding the chatbot to your website or making the link of a chatbot available in the place where you can come in front of them digitally through a post on social media or Whatsapp groups. A chatbot thus would make you look more professional and handle the enquiries at the same time.

Benefits of Collect.chat:

Higher Conversion:

Humans like to talk and get engaged instead of having to fill up the boring and frustrating contact forms. Talk to them, engage them and they would be more than happy to share their details with you. Chatbots help you drive more conversions to your organization. According to Chatbots Life, the Top 5 Industries that benefit from incorporating chatbots are:

- Real Estate: 28%

- Travel: 16%

- Education: 14%

- Healthcare: 10%

- Finance: 5%

Collect Chat According to a report by Accenture Digital, 57% of the businesses that use chatbots agree that it delivers large ROI with minimal effort.

Be Available 24*7:

Chatbots work 24*7 and is not restricted by the office timings. Customers expect to get in touch immediately irrespective of the time of their visit. But the office staff is bound by the limitation of office time. Hiring another set of staff members for working in the second shift would be costly for your organization. A chatbot doesn’t have any office time restrictions and can work 24*7. It works throughout the day and gets you leads even beyond the office time so that you can close more sales. 82% of consumers claim that instant responses to their questions are very important when contact brands.

Delight Customers:

A chatbot is the best medium to handle repetitive customer queries, handle customer issues & complaints as well. When the customer issue is resolved or even heard, it relieves the customer of the stress. Thereby, boosting customer satisfaction and leaving them delighted. According to Salesforce, 69% of consumers use chatbots because they deliver quick answers to simple questions.

Save on Acquisition:

Chatbots engage with every visitor on the website and help you generate more leads and close more sales thereby reducing the cost of acquisition of every lead and increasing the profits of your organization.


Collect Chat

Collect Chat

Collect Chat


A chatbot is an asset for an organization and can generate much higher ROI. It also boosts customer engagement rate and helps increase customer satisfaction. With these many benefits, there are reasons more than one for you to adopt chatbots for your business if it involves regular interactions. You can create chatbots through Collect.chat easily within few minutes without any knowledge of coding. We hope you find this article useful. If you feel we have missed any point or missed including the industry your business belongs to, do let us know your feedback in the comments below.

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