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Temporary Vs Permanent Medical Staff: Who Should You Hire?

Medical Staffing Even a decade back, most job seekers were interested in permanent placement. However, the scenario has changed significantly in recent times. A large number of candidates are looking for temporary jobs and many companies are also finding the option of having temporary employees more feasible.

People running healthcare facilities often suffer from confusion when they need to choose between temporary and permanent medical staff. The section below would help you to understand what type of workers would be more suitable for healthcare facilities. The section discusses various factors that a hospital/clinic/diagnostic center authority should consider before deciding whether hiring temporary employees would be beneficial for them.


Temporary health workers might require you to pay them slightly more for the work they do; however, you will still save a significant amount of money by hiring them. That’s because unlike the permanent employees, those provisional recruits will not need you to spend on benefits. There will also be no paid vacation days. This will help you to save a good sum in the long run.

This means if you are looking to hire for an established healthcare facility that enjoys a hefty yearly turnover, you can go for permanent workers. However, temporary healthcare providers should be the way to go for you if your facility is new or has limited funds.


Medical Staffing When the doctor or nurse you hire fills a permanent position, you will have to provide the person with a detailed job description. There can be situations where you may need these professionals to complete tasks, which were not part of their job description. A permanent healthcare professional might lend a helping hand on certain occasions, but you cannot expect them to complete those extra tasks day in day out.

In such situations if you're in portland, you should contact a temp agency Portland, and hire an additional workforce. This will not only ensure that the jobs will be completed on time but will also allow your permanent staff to work more comfortably. Temporary workers are usually more flexible when it comes to their job description. That’s because they often receive payments based on tasks they complete or hours they spend at their workplace.

Range of Services

The health care facility you are running at the moment might not have certain departments. However, if the circumstances demand, you should be able to provide all sorts of healthcare services to patients.

For example, if there’s an epidemic in your city, you should be ready to provide critical care even if your hospital doesn’t have a critical care unit. Hiring a few critical care experts temporarily will make the job much easier for you.Conclusion
To conclude, we would like to emphasize that when you are hiring for a healthcare facility, your primary concern should be ensuring that the professionals you are looking to employ are qualified and experienced. They should also have a good track record. Only a renowned temporary staffing agency can connect you to such jobseekers. Ideally, you should hire only after interviewing the candidates the agency has shortlisted for you.

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