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Why Top Real-Estate Investors and Agents choose Carrot

Real Estate Investors According to the data by NAR (National Association of Realtors) of the USA, 5.34 million existing homes were sold in the USA in 2019 and the data from U.S. Census Bureau suggests that 682,000 newly constructed homes were sold in 2019. As per the data by HomeLight, there are over two million real estate agents in the USA including those licensed by NAR and those who are outside the platform. On the other hand, there are fewer data available for the total number of real estate investors. CI estimated the number to be 2.2 million in 2012.

The real estate business isn’t easy. Several challenges are covering the aspects like lead generation, conversion, website performance that it gets overwhelming to handle all of it single-handedly. If you are going through the same, this piece is for you! Read on!

What is Carrot?

Carrot is a platform and a community of Realtors (Investors, Agents). It is the #1 inbound online lead generation system that helps the entire community of Realtors enhance the conversion rate and grows their business. In the matter of 5 years from its establishment, Real Estate Investors Carrot has been a reason for 2,356,261+ real-estate leads generation. The members of Carrot have generated 64,499 leads last month alone. If you are a real estate investor, a house flipper, an agent, or a land investor, you are in a right place.

Read on for the core reasons for which you should be a part of the Carrot community:

1. You get Performance-driven websites:

According to the data by the National Association of Realtors of the USA, 93% of people visit websites when searching for a home. Hence, a high-performing and SEO-optimized website is a must for real-estate Investors or Agents. Apart from ranking high on Google for the search keywords, your website should be able to generate leads for you. Is your website generating enough leads for your business?

If not, it is time that you switch to the websites by Carrot. The websites by Carrot are SEO-optimized; optimized for all devices; loads fast to help visitors navigate the site; with a user-friendly layout of the website that is easy to navigate & opt-in for. If you want to grow your real estate business and want a much higher conversion rate than what it is currently, you need to have the websites by Carrot.

2. Create a Property Listing Page:

Need a listing page for all your properties? With Carrot, it can be completed in a few minutes. Carrot provides you with a built-in property listing tool that helps list all your properties by just adding the details, important information images. Once you have added the required details, the property listing page is ready to go live. Moreover, the property listing page is mobile-optimized, so that the visitors get a clear view of the properties on any device. Having a quality property listing page enables you to share it across on other websites and social media as well.

3. Manage your leads better with Lead Management tool:

Real Estate Investors In a type of business like real estate, managing leads can get challenging. There might be several leads you are handling at a given point in time and it might get difficult to keep a track of not only the progress of each lead but also the conversation history that is pivotal for the sales conversion. Carrot provides you with a Lead Management tool that helps you manage all your leads in one place. It also allows you to leave notes of your conversations with them in the ‘notes’ section to keep a track of conversation history. You can also search for any specific lead using their name of address or type of leads using the ‘type’ (Pending, New, Follow-up, etc.) as the search keyword.

4. Track your campaigns better with Campaign Tracking Links:

As a marketer, you might market through various channels but with one link for promotion, you might face the challenge of appropriate data of what worked and what didn’t. What if you could create a different tracking link for every campaign? Wouldn’t it be great for a better understanding of your data?

Carrot enables you to do just that. You can create an individual link for every campaign so that you can track the results of any of the Email, Facebook, or PPC campaigns and figure out what worked and what didn’t.

5. Data at your fingertips:

Real Estate Investors Data is the heart of every business. You need to have the data on how your site is performing; the keywords for which your site ranks higher on Google, the number of visitors to your website, their behavior on your website, and so on. The websites of Carrot come with built-in analytics that helps you with all the data required to make decisions and grow your business. What’s more? You will be provided with a guide with a list of things that can be included on the website for better performance.

6. Automate your Content Marketing:

For starters, content marketing and regular updating of the blog posts especially if you are not a content writer can be a challenge. With Carrot’s content marketing tool, you don’t have to worry anymore about it. Carrot provides you with content packs that can be customized for your business and be uploaded as a blog post on your website. The content packs are SEO-optimized in themselves to drive traffic to your website. Not just that, you require content for your SEO/PPC Campaigns or your landing page, it is readily available for use.

7. Promotion on Social Media:

Social Media sharing can be vital for attracting traffic to your website. Carrot has built-in sharing options on all pages and blog posts. You can share across any page, be it a property listing, a landing page, or a blog post; on social media with ease. Carrot makes it easy to integrate any third-party tracking scripts to your website to enable retargeting your website visitors to convert more leads.

Real Estate Investors 8. Track SEO Ranking of your website:

Are you aware of the keywords your business website ranks higher on Google ranking for? This data is pivotal data for decision-making on the usage of those keywords in multiple pages or the introduction of an additional set of keywords you want to your business to link high for. Carrot’s newly launched feature ‘SEO Tracking tool helps you do that. It helps you figure out the high-performing keywords for your website and also

9. Weekly Coaching Calls:

Carrot, more than just a platform is a community of Realtors. The community of realtors with Carrot gets a weekly coaching call to discuss the most pressing topic across the community so that the entire community grows. If you have signed up with Carrot, you will be entitled to these weekly coaching calls that are atopic-based like the latest SEO developments, tips on enhancing productivity, and other strategy-related discussions (twice a month); and Diagnosis call wherein the Realtors get their questions answered and get the best strategy tips to grow. Most importantly, you get all of these at no extra cost. Exciting?

10. Landing Page Builder:

Landing pages are one of the most effective methods of marketing. The difference between a landing page and a website is that a ‘Landing Page’ is a webpage created as a standalone page as an addition to the website but specific to a campaign. Unlike a website, it is a single webpage with specific details and a call-to-action through an offer, or a contests & giveaway that could excite the visitor and free access to a webinar or any other type of marketing campaign.

Data by Hubspot shows that having 10-15 landing pages can increase your leads by 55%. Carrot has a built-in Landing page builder through which you can build an unlimited number of landing pages and attract high growth of marketing campaigns.


Real Estate Investors


If you are a real estate investor, an agent, a wholesaler, or a land investor, a community of Realtors of Carrot is a place to be. We hope that we have shared sufficient reasons by sharing various features for you to take your step forward. If you still have doubts or need more information, feel free to let us know in the comments below. Have you been running a real estate business? What are the other challenges you face? Do share with us in the comments below. If you're facing a growth strategy challenge, or wanting to learn more or get consulted on business strategy feel free to reach SIMUS Ventures, an expert business strategy consulting firm for fast growing brands. 

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