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9 Benefits Ezoic Brings To Digital Publishers & Content Platforms

What is Ezoic?

Headquartered in San Diego, California in the USA, Ezoic is a Google award-winning, AI-based ad network for digital publishers. Other offices are located in San Francisco in the USA and London, Newcastle in the UK.

Ezoic helps the publishers & content creators monetize their content and increase ad revenue apart from helping improve user experience. Through its technology, it has sent over 1.7 billion visitors per month to more than 10,000 publishers on its platform. With Ezoic, the publishers have recorded an average of 50% increase in ad revenue, 48% growth in annual traffic, and 21% growth in the average time spent on the site.

Who is it for?

Ezoic is a powerful technology created for all digital publishers, including Bloggers, Independent Publishers, AdSense Publishers, single-page web apps, to even major brands.

Benefits of Ezoic:

1. Ease of Set-up:

Ease of setup is a pivotal aspect you need to look for while choosing an ad network. The setting up of Ezoic will be completed with just a few basic steps.

- While you need to have traffic of at least 10,000 visitors per month to be able to experience Ezoic levels, you don’t have to feel disappointed if you don’t. Ezoic provides you with an ‘Access now’ package for all publishers with less than 10,000 visitors. It would not only help you monetize your content but also provide you with educational content to help speed up your growth.

- Set up an account with Ezoic

- Follow the instructions on your dashboard to enable ‘Ad Testing’. It is just an 8-step process, including applying for the Google Ad Exchange program.

- Once you complete the mentioned eight steps, Rejoice! Because the setup is complete

2. Complete control over Ads:

One of the major benefits of Ezoic over other ad networks is that you get complete control over the ad placements. You can specify the goals of increasing the revenue or improving user experience, and Ezoic would modulate the process according to your set goal. In short, it gives you complete control and controls only how much you want it to.

3. Helps in monetizing the content:

Once you have enabled Ad testing, using machine learning & AI, Ezoic tests placement of ads on your site. Ezoic uses split testing to test the ads by the data on the behavior of the visitors. It customizes the ad configuration based on data and decides on what and where of the ads according to the user. Its technology not only helps you monetize your content but also helps in increasing your revenue. On average, the publishers using Ezoic have recorded an increase of 50% in their revenue.

4. Helps deliver improved content:

Ezoic provides you with the data on the behavior of visitors at the different parts of the content and thus, helps you identify the area to be improved. It also facilitates SEO tag testing that helps you with the suggestions on the URL and title tags that could generate better pageviews from search engines and thus improve your SEO rankings. Publishers using Ezoic have recorded an increase in the time spent on the site by 21%.

5. Improve website speed:

The health of a page is determined by something called Core Web Vitals, a set of user-focused metrics launched by Google in 2020. These metrics are made up of three components: content loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability. [Source: Forbes] Ezoic helps you improve the website speed with Ezoic Cloud, a cloud that is built to serve pages, ads, and content. It helps you pass through the Core Web Vitals due to the fastest response time and quick website loading. Ezoic Leap, another service offered by Ezoic, optimizes everything from code to content and helps you remove any 3-rd party technologies and plugins, thus saving up to $250 per year.

6. Improves User experience:

Ezoic enables layout testing through which it turns your mobile site into a Progressive Web App (PWA). PWAs are a type of application software that works on any platform including a desktop and a mobile device that uses a browser. It helps reduce the page load speed drastically compared to that of a mobile site.

Several locations have different ad-size specifications, Ezoic also takes care of complex ad-sizing according to the data of the visitor location.

7. Provides specific data on revenue and other metrics:

Using Big Data Analytics, Ezoic provides you with intelligent insights on your website to drive higher revenue, perform better SEO, and much more. With its technology, it provides you with data on user behavior on changes in ad placements, networks, types, and sizes that have worked best. It provides you with real-time revenue reports, and also the bifurcations on the aspects of revenue (author, category, topic, etc.). It also provides you with valuable audience insights to help you find out what your audience likes best.

8. Enables Video content embedment:

Through its intelligent Video Player, Ezoic removes the need for any other video hosting platforms for your business. With the video player, you can upload the videos and test them by inserting the videos on different pages. What’s more, it automatically indexes the videos in search engines to be better found in search results. It’s A.I technology would suggest adding the videos where it would add value so that you can generate more traffic, improve user engagement and generate more revenue.

9. Quality support:

Ezoic provides you with one of the best customer support. Upon signing up, support personnel would be assigned to you who will help resolve any questions that you might have, and help remove any bottlenecks in enabling maximization of your revenue. Could you ask for more?


“Ezoic gives you complete control … they provide everything needed for premium monetization and all final decisions are left up to you.” - Spencer Haws, Owner of NichePursuits

“Ezoic delivers invaluable insights about UX and revenue. It identifies why articles are engaging or high-earning… armed with this knowledge, we now create more profitable content.” - Anita Campbell, Founder of Small Business Trends

“Keeping the user experience intact is what pushed me toward Ezoic. The features for site speed and data analytics are grossly underrated. Truly built for intelligent website owners.” - Anand Khanse, President & CEO of TheWindowsClub


If you are a content publisher at any level, Ezoic is for you. It would transform your website into a high-value platform with an improved user experience that your audience would fall in love with. It would help you maximize your revenue from your content, something that you must be looking for. The uniqueness of Ezoic lies in the technology it uses that is flexible yet powerful.

If you do choose to or are already using Ezoic, we would love to listen to your feedback in the comments below.

Image Credits:

Image 1: Photo by Windows on Unsplash
Image 2: Ezoic

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