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What Are Chase Credit Card Lawsuits?

Chase Credit Card Lawsuits Although many credit card companies and banks choose to sell their accounts to debt collection agencies, Chase Bank is known for the opposite. In the past, Chase has maintained track of and pursued its own debt accounts. They frequently go through the process of bringing lawsuits for collection.

Why Does Chase Sue for Credit Card Debt?

When consumers fall behind on their payments, JPMorgan Chase is infamous for suing them. Chase frequently sues people for credit card debt, but the process they use to do so seems dubious.

What to do when Chase Bank collections sue you

A court summons and complaint should arrive when JPMorgan Chase sues you. That means they have begun to chase credit card lawsuits against you. It's only sometimes a given, as Chase is infamous for failing to mail court filings and filing fictitious affidavits claiming the notices were delivered correctly.

If you receive the court papers, the first step in winning your chase credit card lawsuits is to submit a written response to the summons and complaint. You run the risk of a default judgment if you don't reply by your state's deadline.

Avoid a Default Judgment

You'll be obligated to make the entire debt payment if a default judgment is rendered. Chase can garnish your salary and confiscate your property to collect the money you allegedly owe through a default judgment.

Most consumers do not react to cases involving Chase credit cards, mainly because they do not know how, which results in many default judgments.

Chase Credit Card Lawsuits Aim for A Dismissal with A Strong Defense

You can have your case completely dismissed if you provide an adequate response. Depending on your circumstances, this. However, you might raise a few key arguments to persuade the judge to rule in your favor.

Resolve Your Chase Credit Card Debt

You can always try to negotiate a debt settlement with Chase if you know you owe them the credit card debt. Describe your financial condition and the highest sum you can afford. There's a possibility Chase will accept your proposal.

You can start the settlement negotiation process by sending Chase a Debt Lawsuit Settlement Letter. By settling, you can prevent wage garnishment and get Chase debt collectors off your back.

File a Counterclaim in Court against Chase Bank

Your final option if you're defending against a lawsuit against Chase Bank is to submit a counterclaim. In essence, you file a lawsuit against the creditor after they already have. Counterclaims could demonstrate that the creditor or collection agency committed an illegal act while attempting to collect the debt. Or possibly they imposed unauthorized costs on you. You will be required to support your counterclaim if a trial is necessary. In summary, Chase Bank's debt collection frequently uses witness evidence to support its claims. The collection often takes the form of an "affidavit about business records." Understanding how Chase operates will give you a greater chance of defeating them in court if you have just received service from them.

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