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The Importance of Maintaining and Caring for Jumper Cables

Jumper Cables Smart drivers keep themselves prepared for the worst. That includes keeping tools and supplies on hand for emergencies such as a first aid kit, blankets, water, and the all-important set of car jumper cables. While you're a conscientious driver keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition, you can't avert every problem — which is why having jumper cables or a portable jump starter is so critical. This short guide explains how proper maintenance keeps your cables or starter reliable and ready whenever you need them.

Reliability and Effectiveness

Jumper cables have a recommended replacement frequency of every three years. Of course, your mileage may vary — literally. Usage frequency impacts your cables' lifespan. If you use them less often, you may need to replace them sooner. You can keep your cables in good condition by following a few useful tips:

- Clean and dry your jumper cables: Wipe them down with a clean cloth after each use.

- Keep your jumper cable in a dry place: Use a storage bag or box to protect them from moisture and accidental spills.

- Store your cables neatly: Wrap your cables in a neat coil to avoid kinks and knots, using using ties as necessary to keep them organized.

These tips can also help you keep a jump box in good condition. While a jumper box's connectors may not be as long as traditional jumper cables, it's still important to keep the unit clean and to store it in a dry place away from moisture. With these practices, your jump box should last between four and seven years.

Cleaning and Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion is the number one enemy of jumper cables. Exposure to moisture breaks down the metal, which renders the contacts less effective. Water is a prime cause of corrosion, but so is battery acid. If more corrosion occurs over time, it can render the cables completely useless.

Cleaning your cables or jump box properly is vital. Wiping your unit, cables, and contacts after each user can prevent corrosion and extend their useful life. Moisture can occur from spills and liquids in your trunk, but even atmospheric moisture can damage jumper cable or jump starter contacts. That's why proper storage is also critical, keep both liquids and air moisture away from your cables or jump box while not in use.

Jumper Cables Jumper Cables Vs. Jumper Boxes

You've probably noticed that caring for jumper cables and portable jump starters requires the same basic steps. Now that you know that the maintenance is the same, maybe it's time to evaluate whether cables or portable starters are best for you. Jumper cables are inexpensive and don't need to be kept charged.

You can enjoy some advantages from portable jump starters. Because of their integrated battery power, they eliminate the worry of finding a Good Samaritan when you're sidelined. When shopping for the best portable jump starters, compare each model's capacity, weight, peak amperage, size, and safety features.

More Shopping Tips
When looking for jumper cables or portable jump starters, choose a reputable auto parts retailer. A specialized retailer can provide an extensive selection, exceptional customer services, and both local store pickup and shipping options to suit your needs.

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