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A For Apple

Have you ever typed "apple" in Google search bar or any other search engine? Needless to say, the first 10 links that come up are about Apple Inc. Forget search engine, if you ask me, the moment someone says apple, a bitten apple picture is what I visualize! And that too, it's not red in color. What happened to our poor fruit? Google gives a bitten apple image, right after the fruit.

Well, this just shows how much of an impact, Apple Inc. has had in the recent times. I am not marketing for Apple, but since I've been working so closely with their products for the past two months, I haven't been able to contain my amazement. What's so special about iPhone that makes it at least 10k more expensive than the most expensive phones of other brands? What's so special about MacBook that makes it cost twice as that of the best laptops around? Most importantly, what makes people buy them, knowing the difference in cost?
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These were the questions on my mind when I started my quest and you will find the facts I found equally amazing. iPhone4 has got the new retina display - You just can't get your eyes off the display. It's apparently a high-end screen with four times as many pixels in the same screen real estate. Take a picture and you can instantly convert it to HD and see the difference. iPhone4S has both GSM and CDMA in the same phone.

MacBook Pro - I'm a personal fan of this. It is machined from a single-piece of aluminum that replaces many parts with just one. It's called the unibody. Sleek and Light! Turn on the Macbook and turn off the lights, you'll see the cute apple symbol lit up. It's not the hard-ware that makes MacBook this great, it's the Mac OSX inside. What more - it can be dual booted with Mac and Windows7!

iMac - When I first saw this bright display monitor from 5 meters distance, I didn't know what it was. I was just awed at its size and quality of display. Little did I know that this wasn't just a monitor! It has Intel processor within. No external CPU required. Just a Bluetooth mouse and a Bluetooth keyboard and you have a fully equipped desktop without a single wire.
This list is of course not exhaustive. There are thousands of facts that tell you why Apple is Apple. I am exploring too.

With the passing of Steve Jobs, is Apple going to remain the most preferred brand? Only time will tell. There may be no Jobs, but there is still Hope!

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