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An Interview With You

In our routine life, we forget our own existence sometimes. Am sure that each one of us correspond to the statement "each person is unique". But unfortunately we tend to forget our uniqueness. While concentrating on not so necessary and many a times unnecessary things, we skip the most important aspects of our lives. Sometimes we feel astonished, looking at few achievers and their achievements. Have you ever given time to yourself and asked your strengths and worked on them. Though you have thought before, ask how much time you could invest consciously on what you are good at and have been doing it continuously.
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If you have observed, whatever we consciously make effort to remember and work for stays on our mind for longer. But to put conscious efforts, you should know what you need to put efforts on. The best way to bring hidden things out is to ask more questions. Similarly, to bring out our hidden strengths we need to ask more questions to ourselves. An effort to streng-then your strengths, might take you to an extent that others dream to reach you someday. You never know!

It is very important to conduct an interview with yourself. Enquire and attend the queries honestly. This is how you progress. Remember it is important to be honest with yourself, for, you might otherwise end up convincing yourself for something you are not meant for. Talk to yourself daily, asking the tasks that you could accomplish by end of the day. Scrutinize your work and acknowledge your efforts as well. This will surely take you to the next level of perception of life and growth.

Analyze your growth step by step. You can definitely see a greater change as time passes by. You will feel confident once you know your domain. What steps you take after you know where you stand; to jump to the next level is also important. My dear friends! Please don't forget, after diagnosing the disease, it is equally important to prescribe the appropriate medicine. Diagnosing just solves half the problem. You definitely need a proper medication to eradicate the problem completely. Likewise getting to know your strengths might give you half the solution. But taking the path to success by developing the same takes you to your destiny.

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Preethi Kashyap
Preethi Kashyap is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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