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Enter The Corporate Life With Ease!

Initial phase of your Corporate Life is crucial and determines your growth. The day you report to your divisional head or Project Lead or Team Head, you will be in a state of excitement and curious to know about what you are going to do? And what platform you will be working on? Who all will be in your team?
enter the corporate life with ease,crucial phase
You will be looking forward to tell about yourself, share everything you know and ready to start working on and willing to work for overtime. But don't get tensed and make some mistakes that might make your remaining work life get into tensed state.

Here are a few tips to start your corporate life with ease which would help you balance your personal and corporate life:
  • Do your Homework, You would have known about your company, its products and its work requirement during induction program. Make a list of areas in which you are good at and which matches with company's requirements.

  • Reach your office in time with proper attire recommended by the company.

  • When you are asked to tell about yourself, Keep your personal life personal, disclose only those necessary. Talk more on your College academics, projects and your inter-ested areas of work.

  • Talk about only those areas in which you are really good at and you can contribute in a better way. Don't try to show off, you know everything.

  • Don't try to butter your boss by fake appreciation or showing false respect and Fear.

  • Once your role is defined, express your views clearly with patience.

  • Don't waste your time during office hours as well as after hours. Stay late only if you have important work to be finished. Don't stay just to get an appraisal.

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Anil Kumar KN
Anil Kumar KN is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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